What is Peak Performance?

Man standing pm a cliff with his arms open

By Sam Makhoul

Peak performance means you are highly energetic, mentally sharp and emotionally solid. It means you are performing at your very best.

Not just in the gym, but across all aspects including love, sex and intimacy, parenting and family life, friendships and social life, work performance, leadership and wealth creation. When you operate at peak performance, your self-confidence soars.

You live life on your own terms because you have figured out who you are, what you want and (most importantly) how to get it. You will start to say no to the things you should have said no to all these years.

You will have a growth mindset and look at any failure and rejection as a learning opportunity. Emotionally you will become invincible.

You will know how to deal with the inevitable rejection or failure. You will have more fun in your life, be more inspirational, and become more empathetic, loving and compassionate.

You will start to make a difference and become a source of strength to everyone around you.