Upgrade Your Life 2019
Join us at the event of the year
10-14 January 2019
The Hyatt Regency – Sydney

A Higher Branch Success Academy

A Higher Branch Success Academy is an exclusive community of corporate professionals, executives and entrepreneurs dedicated to high performance.

The Academy uses a unique, proprietary and highly successful performance coaching framework pioneered by our founder, Sam Makhoul. There is no other method like it.

‘The Power of Eight’ program and annual ‘Upgrade Your Life’ event are delivered by leading global experts, focusing on the eight key areas of life: health, love, family, work, friendship, learning, wealth and charity.

Join a community of amazing people who support each other and meet regularly with their families.

Once you attend this event, you will make friends for life!

“We are a community curated by corporate people for corporate people.”

Sam Makhoul, Founder, A Higher Branch Success Academy



A Higher Branch – the Book

A Higher Branch is a 21st century guide to living consciously and the importance of focusing just as hard on your personal life as you would your work and career. This is told in an unforgettable collage of stories using the device of a young boy who is taught wisdom by the Jungian archetype of a wise old man.

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