Forgiveness is always on your path to greatness

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By Sam Makhoul

Many great people don’t realise they’re brilliant simply because they get stuck in the past. You can choose to stay angry at someone who hurt you or you can forgive them and move on to live an amazing life. 

You cannot do both!

Getting hurt is a reality of living and if you do not forgive a person that really hurt you. It will feel like you are carrying that person on your shoulders through life.

If you fail to forgive, how can you be creative or maximise your productivity? How can you learn or teach effectively?

How can you do iconic things if you are carrying the past on your shoulders the whole time? You simply can’t.

You Need To Forgive, Here’s How:

 1. Don’t Judge The Person That Hurt You:

Path to greatness includes forgiveness

Try to understand them. Remember the saying; “don’t judge a person unless you have walked a mile in their shoes,” maybe that person who was abrupt with you is feeling the pressure of meeting their monthly target.

Or the customer who was rude to you is struggling financially. Or the person who cut you off in traffic just received a call from their doctor telling them they have cancer.

Everyone behaves according to his or her own personal reality. If someone did something to you because they thought you were not being nice to them or they thought you were being dishonest, that person has created their own story, their own reality.

You just happen to fall into their perception. They were stuck on their assumptions.

They were stuck in their core beliefs and they were stuck in their own pain. So, don’t judge them. Choose to understand them instead.

2. Communicate With The People That Hurt You:

Two people hugging after being accepted for forgiveness

It takes a lot of courage to speak up and say, “when you did this, this is how I felt. You crossed a boundary that’s important to me.”

Don’t judge them. Don’t attack them. Just communicate.

It will get it out of your system and it will teach them how to better treat you. If they don’t get it, then maybe this person is not who you want in your life.

Remember that forgiveness isn’t only for the person who wronged you. It is a gift you give yourself.

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