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ONE Program – EIGHT Parts – FIVE Steps

The Power of Eight performance coaching program is an eight-session journey where you will work with experts to upgrade all eight areas of your life. The method used in this program is unique and proprietary. It adopts the prescriptive principles pioneered in the book, A Higher Branch, authored by our founder, Sam Makhoul.

“I stand behind this as one of the most powerful coaching programs in the world. I have seen the results with the people I have coached and in my own personal life. I preach what I practice and have seen the impact this program has had on the health and well-being of the people in my own business, MSA National.”

Sam Makhoul, Founder of A Higher Branch Success Academy

The Issue People Face Today

The issue most people face is that they do not know how to live a conscious life in each of the eight areas. Information is everywhere and being consumed in an unstructured way.

People are more confused than ever and life can become a quagmire of twists and turns lacking clarity. One month your performance at work may be high then the next month you feel burned-out and rushing to naturopaths and gym memberships. This aimlessness continues in a cycle.

“The Power of Eight performance coaching program helps you to achieve optimum clarity and once you complete our program you will become your own life architect. Our community will become your source of continuous upgrade and we will keep you abreast of the latest research in each of the eight areas of life. All information is structured within our proprietary coaching framework. Once you do the program and attend our events, you will know why this framework is so important.”

Sam Makhoul, Founder, A Higher Branch Success Academy.

Why Eight Areas of Life?

There is so much more to your ‘wellbeing’ than nutrition, exercise and sleep. Holistically, there are eight areas of your life that define and complete you.

They each make up the sum of you. The path to high performance and fulfillment can only happen when you focus on each of them. This is because there is a symbiotic relationship between all these eight areas.

  • Health: Discover your source of unlimited physical energy by learning how to awaken the four layers to your health
  • Love: Learn the five new rules for love and intimacy that spark lasting passion in your relationship
  • Family: Learn the latest super parenting skills for the digital age and the art of developing a great family dynamic
  • Work: Learn the seven lessons developed by our academy that will boost your performance to incredible levels
  • Friendship: Learn the art of having fun, being socially engaging and making the right friendships
  • Learning: Develop the two super powers for effortless learning to keep your mind sharp, focused and young
  • Wealth: Learn how to create and manage your wealth so you can live life on your own terms with complete freedom
  • Charity: Learn how to practice charity and contribution the right way and bring deep meaning into your hours

What You Will Achieve

  • Learn a framework to live by for the rest of your life.
  • Discover the eight areas of life that define you and the unique principles, to live by, in each of them.
  • Learn a proprietary five-step process for constant upgrade and growth in each of these eight areas.
  • Learn how to design your perfect 24-hour day.
  • Learn a proprietary technique called Life-Blending for automatic life balance and completeness.
  • Learn the one visualisation and meditation technique that will revolutionise your life.
  • Learn how to take the right kind of action so you can materialise what you visualise.
  • Learn the one true method for practicing gratefulness.
  • Learn the three steps to practicing acceptance.
  • Learn a unique journaling technique that will help you take daily action in each of the eight areas.
  • Develop a fearless mindset and a sense of adventure with one technique.

How You Will Achieve It

A Higher Branch Success Academy utilises methodology that is unique and proprietary. We adopt a five-step method for taking conscious control of each of the eight areas of your life.

The program will break old habits of thinking, feeling and acting. We call it the “Circle of Conscious Living”.

The method is so simple that it will leave you wondering where this wisdom has been hidden all these years. It will also leave you wondering why this is not taught at schools, universities and even in the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I just read the book instead of doing the program or attending the annual Upgrade Your Life event?

There is no doubt that reading A Higher Branch, is thought-provoking, life-clarifying and highly motivating. It is the spark that motivates change. It is the potential for a new future. It cannot however be a substitute for The Power of Eight program and annual Upgrade Your Life event.

The Difference?

THE PROGRAM: Our performance coaching program is highly personalised and delivered by our team of professionals who specialise in each of the eight areas of life. You will go through a set of questionnaires and diagnostics to figure out your metabolic type, personality type, love type, chrono type, meditation type, personality type and other diagnostics that will allow you to craft a highly personalised life plan, not just in health and nutrition, but across all eight areas of your life.

THE EVENT: Our annual Upgrade Your Life event is a three-day immersion of the same program content, but one where you involve your life partner and children. It is also your opportunity to inspire and be inspired by A Higher Branch Success Academy community. There is no substitute for face-to-face collaboration with like-minded people.

Will you need to complete the program before attending our annual Upgrade Your Life event?

No. Our annual Upgrade Your Life event is a three-day immersion of the program in a different format. The Power of Eight program is one-on-one coaching across the eight areas of life.

Our annual Upgrade Your Life event, which is held in January each year, is a curated event of expert speakers across the eight areas of life. This event is also an opportunity to holiday with family and join a community of amazing people. Once you attend, you’ll make new friends from all over the world who share the same values and inspire you.

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