Why is love and intimacy important?

“My personal experience has proven that loving yourself is difficult and loving another even more so. But I have learned that nothing good in life comes easy, including love.

You have to work hard at it by focusing just as relentlessly on love as you would on your career and on your wealth. You have to pursue love with the same passion and intensity as you would any other goal. Why? Because love completes and defines us.

There are some who feel that they do not need love and intimacy in their life. That may be okay for a time, but I have learned that expressing love awakens a power and energy so strong that it lifts your level of performance in all areas of life to that of extraordinary. It connects the power of your mind with that of your heart and unleashes a source of immense creativity and imagination. Many a brilliant song or artwork or literature or some architectural feat has been created by someone in love. It is a tragedy to let such a source of great power be left to chance or, even worse, wasted.”

Excerpt from Chapter 4, A Higher Branch by Sam Makhoul

Programs and Events

The team at a Higher Branch Success Academy lists love as the second most important area of life, after your health. If you are in a relationship, our coaching program identifies two ways that love goes wrong and teaches you how to prevent or reverse it. If you are single and seeking a life partner, our coaching program teaches you how to look and feel attractive, so you can attract the right partner into your life.

In both cases, our coaching program respects and honours your uniqueness by providing you with a diagnostic tool for learning your love language and appreciating the love language of others. Only then can you be ready to love and be loved in a way that gives your life a sense of excitement that can only be achieved with love.

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