Why The Tree Of Charity Is One Of The 8 Areas Of Life

Jar with charity labelled on the front

By Sam Makhoul

Being charitable fills a fundamental human need for contribution. How do you explain why millionaire celebrities or retired politicians give up the luxury of their western world living to travel to undeveloped countries to help people in need?

They often spend months and sometimes years climbing the Tree of Charity. Why?

Charity Is Good For Your Health:

A line of individuals volunteering at a charity centre

Making a contribution and being a giving person activates pleasure centres in the brain. It reduces anxiety and depression considerably.

It reduces blood pressure and therefore reduces the stress response significantly. And it is also good for business.

A study by Wharton Business School, called Firms of Endearment, found that businesses whose employees were focused on the mission and making a difference outperformed the S & P 500 by a ratio of 9 to 1. Resulting in businesses who were focused on contribution, making more profit than those who were focused on profit.

This occurs because we value ourselves in direct proportion to the value we add to others, which means we are happiest when we are helping others. And being happy makes us smarter and more productive.

If you are lucky enough to do a job that brings joy and happiness to others, and you do your job not just for money but for love, then you are climbing the Tree of Work and the Tree of Charity at the same time.  A concept we call life blending at A Higher Branch.

And when you focus on making a difference, you also create opportunities to meet new people who believe in the same causes that inspire you. This, plus making a real impact on those causes, can infuse your everyday life with more meaning.

But do you feel you may be stuck in a rut? Whether you feel stagnate, personally or professionally, the simple act of focusing on making a difference can reinvigorate your energy and your life; so take a moment to reshift your focus.

Charity Is Good For Society:

Two people holding hands as they contribute to a charity

If you think that your one little show of charity does not make a difference, then think of all the great women and men who from their one single show of charity changed the face of humanity. Giving is contagious.

And paying it forward lifts the level of love and compassion to a new average and a new standard. Consequently, humanity grows in the right direction.

Showing Charity Is Good For Your Children:

A family huddled together discussing a charity

Contributing to charity teaches your children to be grateful and therefore, influences them to become happier. This is because it keeps them in touch with the real world and the plight of others in need.

The act of giving gives them a sense of self-worth, which is why I encourage all parents to volunteer at homeless shelters and other food services to the poor. It. It is the most humbling and rewarding experience you will feel.

Read the story of Jessica in Chapter 15 of A Higher Branch, which demonstrates the incredible power of charity.

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