Upgrade Your Life 2021

Upgrade Your Life 2021

Forever Young

Upgrade Your Life

Forever Young

Upgrade Your Life 2021

Forever Young

Our events are one of our favourite concepts at A Higher Branch because it allows all of us to come together to be inspired, to learn and to grow – not only as individuals but as a community. But the safety of our tribe, speakers and team is our number one priority. And unfortunately, due to the current climate and the risk of another COVID-19 breakout, we have made the difficult decision to postpone our Forever Young, Upgrade Your Life 2021 event. We will be moving the event to January 2022 and promise to return to continue to inspire you during your journey. In the meantime, our team have been working hard to bring to you exclusive courses, workshops, podcasts and articles, not only by our founder Sam Makhoul but also many of our faculty members. So, please sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on A Higher Branch and to receive event updates in relation to Upgrade Your Life.
See below the highlights of our 2020 event

Why This Event Is Different

Upgrade Your Life is a multi-sensory experience that happens only once a year every January – a time for review, reflection and planning. It’s not an event where you just sit there listening to speakers all day.

It is highly interactive and implementation-focused. We are a not for profit event. We never try and sell you anything.

Our mission is to teach you to become your own life architect. We simply provide the blueprint. With most other ‘motivational’ events you might get inspired and learn new ideas – but often this is pointless without a proven system to implement what you learn.

Ultimately, ideas and strategies are pointless if they have no context and a framework that supports your life goals. Otherwise you may walk away feeling even more overwhelmed and anxious.

Upgrade Your Life is designed around a unique framework that is proprietary to our academy. You may know our speakers and even read their books and heard them talk on YouTube BUT the way they deliver and engage at Upgrade Your Life is unprecedented.

It is truly a unique experience you will not get anywhere else. You will walk away with a level of clarity and confidence you’ve probably never had before. You will also have a great time and make new friends for life.

In fact, our speakers enjoy this event just as much as you. They present to us by day and party with us by night at some of the most exclusive entertainment venues.

So many moments, so many memories of joy, tears and laughter. Here is short clip and stay tuned for many more including the moment that stopped the room.

Our 2020 Global Expert Speakers

An exceptional team of performance coaches, leading experts and thought leaders have been carefully curated to help you boost work performance and personal performance to incredible levels.

David Goggins

Best-Selling Author, Athlete, Record Holder, Retired Navy Seal and Mindset Motivational Speaker

Dr Jenn Mann

Psychologist, Best Selling Author and Radio/TV Host

Jim Kwik

Memory and Speed Learning Expert



Hyatt Regency
Sydney, Australia

We understand that it may be difficult for you to commit right now since joining an event like this requires some planning. It’s also a few months away.

Which is why you’re protected by a refund guarantee until balance is paid by 30 June 2020. Reserve your discounted tickets now with a small deposit and decide later.

If you are indecisive about attending, we understand. You may not be ready to commit right now, we get it. We’ve been there.

But, if you are at a place in your life where you really want 2021 to be the year you become braver, healthier, happier and successful, then take action and live the life we all know you deserve and one that inspires the people in your life.

Have a question or need help? Prefer to reserve your ticket over the phone? Something else? Get in touch.
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