Defining Your Wealth


In my adult years I came to realise how accurate the old man was about the next tree in the circle. He told me that it would be the easiest to climb but only if I lived a complete and fulfilling life, otherwise it would prove to be the hardest.

He told me that wealth was important because it gives us the freedom to live life on our own terms. It liberates us by opening up our options for living.

The consequence of such freedom is daily happiness. In my life I have learned that wealth, just like happiness, is not something that can be pursued.

Rather it is that which effortlessly flows when we live a complete life filled with purpose. The wise old man taught me that wealth is a state of mind and not the state of one’s bank balance.

The difference has a lot to do with what you invest in. What you invest in, ultimately defines your wealth. He taught me about the safest and most rewarding investment that would yield the most abundant wealth imaginable. He taught me to invest in myself.”

Excerpt from Chapter 8, A Higher Branch, by Sam Makhoul



Money is a human construct, whereas wealth is what you define it. The wise define their wealth by identifying what is most important to them and their family.

Is it having higher energy levels? Peace of mind? A strong body?

A loving and passionate relationship? A happy family and healthy children? A job that fulfils you and lights you up?

Friends that are fun and bring the best out of you? Is it also having money in the bank, so you can live life without fear and with freedom?

We cannot ignore the fact that having money is important in the modern era. But do you own the money or does the money own you?

At A Higher Branch Success Academy, we believe wealth is a state of mind and not the state of your bank account.

And ironically, we have found that the people who first invest in themselves end up creating a large bank balance. That is why we have developed a method for investing in yourself and determining what it means to create real and lasting wealth.

To ensure you receive the full experience, our team also consult with leading wealth creation experts who continuously update us on how to invest our money and protect our assets for generations to come. Why?

Because it is important that you are grateful for the person you become and the qualities you will acquire along the way to success. These qualities are more important than material possessions and will make you happy with or without your assets.