The True Meaning Of Family

“Being completely present at home has been one of my biggest challenges in life. Although the wise old man taught me many lessons about the importance of family, I struggled for many years to focus on this Tree of Life without distraction. I guess that sometimes it is only through personal experience that we learn to appreciate the fruit from this tree, that so many of us take for granted.

Often it is when we meet with failure and face obstacles in life that we are prompted to seek the support of our family. That’s when we truly appreciate the unconditional love that our family has for us – a love that is greater than any.” – Excerpt from Chapter 5, A Higher Branch, by Sam Makhoul

The team at A Higher Branch Success Academy list family as the third most important area of life, after health and love. Our family life is very important because, when it’s managed right, it gives each family member the courage to do and try anything without fearing failure.

Knowing that our family loves us unconditionally makes us fearless. This is critical to our sense of security and order.

The challenge of modern day living has brought dysfunction into family life. In some cases, family life has become toxic and a source of emotional stress and anxiety.

Parents are struggling with pressure at work, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, financial pressure from over-consumption, and too much exposure to digital and social media. The family unit is breaking down.

The emotional bond between parents and children was once prevalent but is now becoming rare. Children cannot wait to “grow up” and “leave home”.


Quote that reads "in family life, be completely present".

Why do we need performance coaching in this area of life? As we said at the outset, every aspect of the eight areas of life is important because there is a symbiotic relationship between all of them.

Fail in one and you will upset the balance in others. Try being effective at work if you show up with family burdens on your shoulders.

Try focusing if your children are sick or out of control. Try being creative at work if you are constantly arguing at home.

Parenting it is such an important area of family life and a core focus by the team at A Higher Branch Success Academy.

Here Are Some Of The Challenges Of Family Life In The 21st Century:

  • Feeling rushed with no time to communicate effectively.
  • Confused about what parenting tools to use.
  • Over-parenting to compensate. But we do so in the wrong way.
  • Projecting what we want on our children instead of honouring their uniqueness.
  • Instilling fear and guilt in our children just to get them to cooperate. (What is worse than eating junk food and over-using technology? Making our children feel guilty for it. The emotional harm caused is much worse than the physical damage).

This Is What You Will Discover:

We have designed a performance coaching program that honours and respects the uniqueness of each family unit. Our theories are designed to bring back to your family a sense of harmony and order.

  • You will learn the number one skill in parenting that can change your family dynamic instantly. You will also learn five secondary tips to support this number one skill.
  • You will learn how to get your children to eat healthy and control the use of technology and social media.
  • You will learn to develop the concepts of ‘conscious parenting’ and ‘slow parenting’ and how to implement them in your own special circumstances. Remember that this program is all about honouring your uniqueness and that includes your family dynamic. Every family is different.
  • You will learn how to project unconditional love on your children, so they go through life with no fear of failure or rejection.
  • You will learn how and when to transition from being a parent to a friend.
  • You will also learn how to have fun with your children and slow down your own ageing through connection to their youthful energy.