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Freedom By Wealth

How Do I Make More Money?

The Four Questions On Everyone's Mind: Part 1 of 4  By Sam Makhoul These four questions may not be something ...
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Lady washing her face in the mirror

How To Develop A Skin Care Regime For Your Skin Type

For many of us, a skin care regime is pivotal to our morning and nightly routines. But for others, it’s ...
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Lady suffering from iso skin

Iso Skin: What Is It And How Can It Be Prevented?

This year has been the year many of us are ready to say goodbye to. It has challenged us in ...
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Person holding a clock

How To Slow Down Time

By Sam Makhoul Have you ever looked back on a day or week or month or year and thought, “where ...
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Man jumping into the water

Have People Lost The Ability To Have Fun?

By Sam Makhoul We are all in the business of selling ourselves. What sells is not just the product or ...
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Woman meditating

Mindfulness Meditation: Essential Ritual #3

By Sam Makhoul This article contains a very special video presentation of the meditation session presented by Tom Sullivan from ...
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Man running in Sydney Harbour

Movement: Essential Ritual #2

By Sam Makhoul This is part of a series of articles relating to the four rituals, five habits and six ...
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Lady journaling

Journaling: Essential Daily Rituals #1

By Sam Makhoul The Foundation for Identity Change In the last article I, wrote about defining your identity clearly by ...
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Sign that reads habits are to be made

The 5 Powerful Daily Habits

By Sam Makhoul This article is part of a series in our academy’s four-five-six system - four rituals, five habits ...
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How To Get The Best Sleep- Part 2

How To Get The Best Sleep- Part 2

By Sam Makhoul The Definitive Guide To Sleeping Longer And Deeper: In part one of this article on sleep, I ...
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Lady sleeping in bed

Is Sleep The Fountain Of Youth? – Part 1

By Sam Makhoul I really dislike this cliché "this will change your life," but in this case, sleep will literally ...
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Is Poor Breathing Making You Sick?

Why Breathing Techniques Need To Be One Of Your Daily Rituals

By Sam Makhoul This is the last of the six life-hacks, one that is easy to apply, will not take ...
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Three people running

The Power of Laughter

By Sam Makhoul Firstly, I need to clarify what a life-hack is. It is a lifestyle protocol that will boost ...
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Sign that reads just breathe

How Grounding And Sun Gazing Boost Your Mood

By Sam Makhoul I cannot stress how important these three simple protocols are for your wellbeing. When practised together they ...
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Why We Don't Step Outside Our Comfort Zone

Why We Don’t Step Outside Our Comfort Zone

By Sam Makhoul Stepping out of your comfort zone is a confronting experience. And for many people, it sparks a ...
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Lady laying on top of her bed

Why Some People Can’t Get Out of Bed in the Morning

By Sam Makhoul Have you ever wondered why some people just can't get out of bed some mornings? Well, the ...
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Three girls in a sunflower field

How To Love Your Life

By Sam Makhoul I’ve been asked time and time again, what are some of the practical things people can employ ...
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Child running with fairy floss

The One Big Mistake Parents Make When Raising Children

By Dr. Guy Winch Using fear and guilt to get your children to cooperate is perhaps the most damaging mistake ...
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Sign facing east

The Power Of Facing East

By Mark Bunn Which direction does your office desk face? What about your bed? Do you think your work performance ...
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Man playing video games

Video Games Can Boost Emotional Health and Reduce Loneliness

By Dr. Guy Winch When you think of video games in the context of mental health, what comes to mind? ...
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Family eating dinner

What is Your Type?

By Sam Makhoul What foods suit you best and at what times? What exercise routine best suits your personality and ...
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