A Higher Branch Podcast: ‘Commute College’

Learn The Parenting Skills Needed to Raise Happy & Confident Kids
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Recorded live at our Upgrade Your Life event 2020 with America’s Top Parenting Therapist, best-selling author and host of hit TV show “Family Therapy”, Dr Jenn Mann.

In this podcast, Dr Jenn Mann will explain the parenting skills needed to raise happy and confident kids.

Dr Jenn will share:

• How to get your children to make the right decisions

• How you respond to your own failure is the biggest gift you can give your child

• 10 tips to help your child’s self-esteem;

• and much, much more.

Short for time? See below time stamps for key talking points:

9:45 – Giving teenagers the opportunity to make good decisions for themselves

11:30 – What message are we sending our kids if we aren’t consistent

17:20 – Why kids have to learn the consequences of their actions

25:25 – How you respond to your own failure is one of the biggest gifts you can give your child

27:50 – 7 Step System to build self-esteem in teenagers

41:55 – 10 tips to help your child’s self-esteem

51:22 – Three steps to praise your child

52.00- The most important things for a good relationship with your child

How To Be In Control When You’re Out Of Control
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Sam meets again with Lyn Megan Macpherson, one of the top three hypnotherapists in Australia.

In our first episode with Lyn, she explains how Hypnotherapy shuts off our conscious mind, allowing us to speak with the subconscious and help us find the root causes for our anxiety, depression, eating disorders, OCD, stuterring, phobias and even chronic pain.

In this episode, Lyn will talk you through some of her specific case studies, the importance of living in the moment, couples therapy and why it’s not always the best answer, overcoming phobias like spiders and social situations.

Lyn will take us through:

· Case studies of stuttering, trauma, stress and anxiety healed by Hypnotherapy

· Why couples therapy doesn’t always work

· Subconscious blocks that impact a great relationship

· How to overcome negative self-talk and the voice of self-doubt

· Why we should look at rejection as redirection

· How trauma is created

· How the need to control comes from a fear of not being in control

· The things that you can do to live in the moment and avoid distraction

· How to learn from the past and plan for the future

For Lyn’s books and CD about intuition and interconnectedness, go to www.harmonyhypnotherapy.com.au

Short for time? See below time stamps for key talking points:

3:55 – The subconscious blocks that are impacting a relationship

7:25 – Clear it, Resolve it and Dissolve it and replacing the void

8:20 – Case studies of Hypnotherapy

10:24 – What is negative self-talk

19:30 – Fear of not being in control

20:00 – How we can live in the moment

22:42 – Examples of living in the moment

24:38 – What we need to do to feel happy and fulfilled

25:10 – How to learn from the past and plan for the future

29:24 – What is the negative thinking, sinking, sand

31:19 – Phobia and spiders

43:00 – How to keep your mind clear

44:55 – The levels of Trance

Can The Fear of Coronavirus Be Damaging Our Brain?
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Dr Stan Rodski has worked as a neuroscientist for over 30 years particularly in the area of peak performance and brain science research. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a doctorate in science.

His research has included stress evaluation and improvement programs in the corporate sector and elite level high pressure performance with sports people and teams.

His neurological research has been famously embraced by Oprah Winfrey and his latest book is titled, “The Neuroscience of Mindfulness”

In this episode, Dr Rodski will take us through:

How does neuroscience help with our busy lives and technology distractions

How does neuroscience help with our busy lives and technology distractions

How the brain is an energy system

The conscious vs subconscious

What damage are we doing by looking at our phones as soon as we wake up

How the thought of danger or fear, such as the Coronavirus, is damaging our brains

Why we’re living longer but our brains are dying faster

How important is it to train the brain

How micro-breaks work

How do adult colouring books help the brain

How artificial intelligence can save humanity

Defeating Anxiety Using Subconscious Power
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Lyn McPherson has a Double Masters in Psychology, a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and is one of the top three hypnotherapist in Australia.

 Our mind is always cluttered with thoughts, even when we ‘switch-off’ we still find ourself worrying about unpaid bills, work, and trivial things like what to wear next weekend. Hypnotherapy shuts off our conscious mind, allowing us to speak with the subconscious and help us find the root causes for our anxiety, depression, eating disorders, OCD, Stuterring, phobias and even chronic pain.

 Lyn will take us through:

 • The effect of social media on self-esteem

• Overcoming the feeling of being inadequate

• Following your intuition

• How your subconscious wants to heal you emotionally

• Finding your happiness/drive

• Tools to stay happy

• Overcoming generations of dysfunction

 Short for time? See below time stamps for key talking points:

 3:14 – Why are we seeing a spike in anxiety, depression, phobias?

5:04 – Is there an increased pressure on the younger generation to ‘make it’?

7:37 – How do you recognise if you are in a state of unease?

10:30 – What is hypnotherapist? Why is the success rate so high?

15:50 – What is our subconscious telling us when we are feeling anxious?

23:20 – Understanding your body and mind and applying conscious living

31:26 – Learning the language of your subconscious

37:30 – The two key elements of ‘babble’

41:30 – How prescription medication is a band-aid, not a cure

45:30 – Are there traumas which are harder to overcome?

51:45 – Fable philosophy

How to Grow (B)older and Rock Every Decade
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Modern science and bio-hacking are now helping us live longer than ever before. Ageing is not what it used to be! BUT our mindset to ageing is just as critical as the food we eat and the exercise programs we sign up for.

Recorded live on the main stage at Upgrade Your Life 2020, Carl Honore takes a deep dive into how we make the most of our longer lives and keep reinventing ourselves. It shatters the myths about ageing, in an era where the threat of becoming irrelevant is greater than ever…. at ANY age!

How to Use The Wim Hof Method to Boost your Immune System
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Today we are joined by certified Wim Hof Instructor, Johannes Egberts.who will share with us the Wim Hof method, how it reconnects our bodies with its natural ability to resist disease and improve longevity; all backed by science.

You will learn:

• How to use the breath to step into your para-sympathetic nervous system

• How to use cold exposure to become invincible to pathogens

• How to manage your stress and become more resilient

• The importance of starting your day the ‘right’ way

• The importance of the vagus nerve

• How isolation causes inflammation

Short for time? See below time stamps for key talking points:

02:55 – What is the biggest impact on our healthy?

04:19 – Why is the Wim Hof method so effective boosting our immune system?

10:52 – Who is Wim Hof and why did he create this method?

15:00 – How Wim Hof learned to boost his immune system at will

21:28 – How ice baths helps manage your stress

24:38 – The links between the Wim Hof method and longevity

28:24 – The importance of starting your day the ‘right’ way

33:03 – What is your vagus nerve and why is it important?

35:37 – How chronic cortisol effects your whole body

38:35 – How can you incorporate these techniques into your daily life

43:55 – Accessing a para-sympathetic state of the nervous system using Wim Hof method

47:30 – How isolation causes inflammation

How To Find Fearlessness
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This week we chat with the world-renowned endurance athlete, best-selling author and retired navy SEAL, David Goggins, backstage at our Upgrade Your Life event 2020.

You do not want to miss this episode! We discuss a defining moment from David’s childhood, the recent bushfire tragedy which took place in Australia and how you can help. You will learn how David found his true identity and stopped living to please others. David provides insight on how to strengthen your mind and how to overcome adversity, using past a failure or hurt to build a stronger mind.

Short for time? See below timestamps for key talking points:

00:18 – Who is David Goggins?

09:50 – David shares a defining moment of his childhood

12:52 – What David has to say to those who have been impacted by the recent bushfires

17:45 – If you met your creator, would your creator be proud of who you’ve become?

22:20 – How David re-created himself to become the person envisioned himself to be

25:22 – Using your suffering to find your success

27:12 – Why do people find so much strength through David’s story?

29:15 – “Does it get easier?”

31:43 – Never forget where you came from

34:09 – Finding your inner strength; How David conquered the hardest of obstacles

36:45 – How to find the ultimate state of fearlessness

Why Do People Cheat In a Relationship? Learn the Importance of Making Love and Building a Connection
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Authenticity is what draws us to people. It is one of the most underrated, yet vital traits an individual can hold. The foundation of authenticity is connection. As a professional, a partner, a friend, you cannot build a relationship without a connection, without trust.

This week podcast was recorded live from Upgrade your Life 2020 with Best Selling Author and Psychotherapist Dr Jenn Mann. Dr Jenn Mann will take us through the importance of connection, how a lack of connection could be the reason your relationship is falling apart.

A study has found that 97% of men and 94% of women who cheat, cheat because of a lack of connection. Find out how to rekindle that connection, the importance of making love in a relationship, ‘investing’ in your relationships and much more.

Short for time? See below timestamps for key talking points:

01:20 – What makes us connect with people and how do we build that connection?

03:19 – Sam shares a funny story from Update Grade Your Life about cursing

04:46 – What is the one or two main things that lead couples to a break-up

08:27 – How important is making love in a relationship?

10:40 – Take the awkwardness out of making love

13:10 – How to deal with rejection from your partner when it comes to intimacy

The science behind identity change and the secrets to maintaining a healthy relationship @Upgrade Your Life 2020
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We are back and we kick off 2020 on a high! Recording live at our Upgrade Your Life event 2020 with one of our favourite guest speakers, Dr Guy Winch.

In this podcast, Dr Guy Winch will explain the science behind behavioural changes: how changing our sense of identity could lead us to smashing our goals.

Dr Guy Winch will unlock more secrets on maintaining a healthy relationship and answer the hard question “at what point do you give up on a relationship?”. We will talk about the importance of identifying the type of partner you want to be in a relationship, why we need to stop looking at our needs and start looking at the needs of our relationship, and much, much more.

Upgrade Your life 2020 was a must attend event! Two weeks later and our attendees are still feeling the buzz. To find out what you missed and information about Upgrade Your Life 2021 “Forever Young” visit our Instagram page @a_higher_branch

Short for time? see below time stamps for key talking points:

03:27 – Dr Guy Winch shares a self-defining moment which a member of the crowd at UYL shared

07:35 – Once you find the information on health and fitness, how do you implement this?

08:10 – Dr Guy Winch shares with us the science of identity change

11:55 – Avoiding process-based goals and making goals that will last long-term

14:00 – Dr Guy Winch discusses the importance of identifying what type of partner we want to be in a relationship

16:20 – Finding what your relationship needs, not what you need

23:00 – At what point do you give up on a relationship?

28:00 – What are the top complaints we make about our partners

30:10 – Why does the small percentage of bad in our relationships drown out the good?

33:15 – Dr Guy Winch shares some exciting news for 2020

How the “Complaint Sandwich” Can Save Your Relationship
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The power of love is extraordinary, however, often overlooked. Having a strong relationship with your loved ones is so important for your well-being, it will promote a happier and healthier lifestyle – both mentally and physically.

For our final episode of the year and in the spirit of Christmas, we wanted to share this powerful conversation we had with Psychologist, Dr Guy Winch. Guy will show us small changes we can make within our relationships to mould them, make them last, be happy and stay happy. These changes aren’t large changes, they are small changes which we can make in our relationship which yields incredible outcomes.

He will also discuss:

• What couples fight about most

• The effects our mobile phone has on our relationships

• How couples should deal with conflict

• The power of healthy communication

• Why arguments go south with your significant other

Short for time? See below timestamps for key talking points:

03:10 – Sam talks about the power of love and intimate relationships

07:00 – How psychologists can predict with over 90% accuracy when a relationship will fail

11:25 – The effect our mobile phones have on our relationships

14:10 – How couples argue and the implications it has on relationships

17:05 – What to do when you feel you aren’t being heard in an argument

22:15 – How to complain ‘effectively’

25:40 – Putting an end to repetitive arguments

27:40 – What is the ‘complaint sandwich’ and how will it save relationships

40:00 – An exercise you can do NOW, which will help your relationship

41:20 – What makes couples happy

44:20 – Changing perspective and considering the needs of our relationships

The Importance of Emotional Healing
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Our mind is the most powerful tool in our body so why are we constantly neglecting to look after it?

From a young age, we are taught the importance of looking after our body. It is embedded in us that we must brush our teeth twice a day, if we break a bone; we go to the hospital, if we are sick; we stay in bed. But what happens if our mind is suffering from an “emotional wound”? We have we been taught so little when it comes to emotional healing that many of us would not even consider that our mind requires healing, yet expect our mind to perform at 100% at all times.

Today we are joined with a special guest, Best-Selling Author and Psychologist, Dr Guy Winch. Dr Winch will take us through how to overcome the emotional difficulties many of us struggle with regularly, these include:

> The effects of ruminating

> How to overcome failure

> Dealing with rejection

> Avoiding negative self-talk

> Loneliness

> And much more.

Short for time? See below timestamps of key talking points:

04:00 – Dr Guy Winch discusses closing the ‘gaps’ between our physical and emotional health

09:15 – Dealing with emotional distress

12:20 – The effects of ruminating

18:05 – Building a clear guard rail in life to battle rumination

20:20 – Turning negative self-reflection into problem solving

22:35 – Overcoming failure

29:00 – Identifying the same mistakes we continuously make in life

30:26 – Dealing with rejection

34:10 – The better alternative to positive affirmations

36:35 – How to stop feeling lonely

41:41 – Stress in the workplace

The 5 Bad Habits You Need To Break
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We all have dreams, whether our dream is to be a millionaire or travel around the world, or falling in love with the right partner. Yet we cannot attain these dreams without taking steps in the right direction to achieve them. Forming daily rituals and habits will not only be a step in the right direction for our health and wellbeing but also placing us on the right path to achieve our dreams.

In this two-part series, Sam talks us through the five bad habits that many of us are guilty of which we need to break NOW and how these bad habits are affecting our health and wellbeing day-to-day. Sam will discuss the importance of daily rituals and forming good habits. You will also learn:

– Willpower

– How to turn goals into habits

– The importance of facing the tough stuff in life

– The use of habits to create actions which are better for us

01:30 – Sam shares a personal success due to the use of systems

03:00 – The steps to achieving our dreams

06:05 – Facing the ‘tough stuff’ in life

07:30 – Using habits to automate actions which are good for us

11:37 – Separating ourselves from bad habits

13:38 – Stop making excuses and start now

16:55 – 5 Bad habits which we need to break now

20:10 – Stop ‘snacking’ on technology and social media

25:20 – The issues of shallow breathing

29:40 – Stress caused on your body from ‘doing things with haste’

32: 45 – Are you addicted to speed?

37:40- The issue of staying up late and watching tv for no reason

Is a better LOVE-LIFE the secret to improving men’s health?
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In this weeks podcast we are joined again with Mark Bunn – a leading health researcher of Ayurvedic Medicine. In light of ‘Movember’, now commonly referred to as ‘Brovember’, Mark will be sharing his expertise on a topic that is not discussed enough: Men’s health. Men are often reluctant to vocalise health issues they may be facing due to outdated social constructs, resulting in the fear of appearing ‘weak’ and often using the justification that “it’s probably nothing”. To address and dispel these common yet damaging beliefs, in this episode we will cover:

• How to re-centre and return to a state of self love

• Prostate health

• Importance of intimacy and affection

• The Ayurvedic view on self-gratification

• How sleep affect men’s virility

• The importance of testosterone

Short for time? See below timestamps for key talking points

0:2:40 – Why our energy dips

05:30 – The importance of testosterone

10:52 – How do we keep our estrogen levels down

12:10 – Does sleep affect our ability to get in the ‘mood’

18:00 – Is self-gratification natural and should men watch pornography?

25:20 – How men should ‘transmute’ their virility to build wealth

28:50 – How sunbathing men’s private parts increases testosterone

31:40 – What does the hot/cold do for our testosterone

32:20 – The importance of testosterone – especially for men who workout

38:50 – Can you supplement testosterone

41:25 – Is monogamy natural

How to Stop Self-Sabotage and Achieve Personal Fulfilment
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Are you self-sabotaging both your home and business life and don’t even know it?

As humans, we are often ignoring our natural instincts, dismissing the signs and opportunities which are right in front of us that are pushing us to grow and achieve fulfilment. We are the only species on the planet to have a creative imagination. Yet instead of harnessing this imagination, we opt to stay within our comfort zone and make excuses for ourselves, often unknowingly using negative self-talk as justification for not taking that extra step.

Today we meet with a new friend, Barry Nicolaou. Barry is an international best seller author for his book ‘The 11 Maser Secrets, to Business Success & Personal Fulfillment’.

In this episode, Barry will talk us through 5 of his 11 Master secrets discussed in his book. We are going to share with you some powerful tools which will teach you to stop the negative self-talk, how to grow from negative experiences and ultimately achieve optimal personal fulfilment. We will cover:

* Murphy’s law

* The adverse effects of inherited thinking, and how to free yourself from generations old thinking which has been passed down to you

* Are you truly living your life?

* How to stop self sabotage

* Optimising your imagination

* The way to stop questioning the “how”

* How to overcome failure

* To find what fuels your body

00:30 – Sam gives a short preface about what will be discussed in todays podcast

3:49 – Who is Barry Nicolaou?

04:31 -Sam discusses the first of the Master secrets covered in Barry’s book

5:45 – Barry introduces us to inherited thinking – using our creative imagination

08:08 – How to reach a higher consciousness of awareness and avoid self-sabtoge

12:30 – What is our missing link ?

14:00 – How ignoring our subconscious leads to self-sabotage

18:22 – Sam and Barry discuss in depth Barry’s first secret, Murphy’s law

22:15 – Taking your failures and using them too growth

24:00 – Stop ignoring the metaphorical tap on your shoulder

30:50 – The way to stop questioning the “how”

34:40 – Why do adults lose their creative imagination and how do we get it back?

39:00 – Finding your next right move

45:00 – Gravitating to people who give you energy and how to deal with people who don’t lift your energy

55:30 – Finding your source energy

01:01:55 – You must break the rules to get noticed

Are invisible moulds and poor Feng Shui in your home compromising your health and your wealth?
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Are there toxins living in your house that are making you sick? Learn how you can protect yourself.

Sam meets again with Joachim Herrmann who is a Building Biology specialist. In Part 1, Joachim discussed the impacts of invisible energies such as EMF, Bluestone, 4G and WIFI has on our health, namely on our sleeping quarters.

In this episode, Joachim will talk you through what the impacts of exposure to mouldy environments will have on your health. He will tell you how to identify mould around your living environments and give you some quick and easy tips on how to remove mould around your home without the hefty labour fee.

Find out about the hidden toxins inside your favourite candles, incense and air fresheners which may be affecting your health. Joachim will take you through:

* What volatile organic compounds are and their effect on our bodies.

* The Hartmann grid and the earths lines; how this may be affecting your sleep.

* Household toxin links to cancer.

* The principles of Fung Shui and how you can apply it in your home and work environments

Find us on Instagram:



Short for time? See below timestamps on key talking points:

02:10 – Joachim talks about a personal story, when performing a building biology inspection on a Higher Branch listeners home

05:02 – The impact on health of living in a house full of invisible toxins

06:16 – The effects of having mould around your household

10:28 – How to remove mould from your home?

13:30 – Joachim shares a story on his turning point when it came to mould

16:10 – How do you know if you have mould in your home?

19:55 – What are volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)?

24:00 – Find out what almost every household has, which may be affecting your air quality.

25:13 – What impact does VOC’s have on our body?

27:15 – How are you affecting your sleep quality?

30:15 – Sam and Joachim discuss earth lines and the Hartmann grid

33:00 – Sam explains how the Hartmann grid works and where inside the grid you should ideally be sleeping

36:54 – Sam shares a personal experience where the Hartmann grid helped his family

39:29 – What can you do if you have a suspicion you are being effect by these the earth’s magnetic energies?

44:14- How can you contact Joachim?

46:57 – What is Fung Shui? What are the “rules” of Fung Shui?

54:55 – What are things you could be doing in your home, which can disrupt Fung Shui?

How Proper Breathing & Forest Bathing Reverses Stress
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Ayurvedic Researcher and all-round Aussie good guy, Mark Bunn returns to share more simple principles that can literally transform your life. Simple, free wisdom that delivers quick results. You will learn:

• Why gradual healthy changes are better than many

• How mouth breathing leads to stress

• How to return to a natural state of ‘baby’ breathing

• Forest Bathing and why everyone who works in an office should do it

• How forest bathing reduces inflammation in the body

• How a forest bathing company in Australia is helping corporate types from all over the world

• How one meditation technique transformed a Hollywood directors life

• How to live every day as the birth of a new possibility

How to Upgrade Your Energy with Identity Change and the Power of Daily Habits
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Most of us follow systems at work but do we ever stop to think of implementing a system for living that conserves our energy? In the two previous podcasts I covered:

PART 1: Six lifestyle changes that will boost your physical energy.

PART 2: Four Toxic things that drain your mental & emotional energy.

In this PART 3, I talk about:

• How to change behaviours that do not serve you.

• Why changing habits is tough and how to make it easier.

• How to figure out who you want to become – Identity change!

• Why automation is more powerful than motivation.

• How to use the power of the subconscious.

• Why you need willpower for only a short time.

• The relationship between your energy and willpower.

• Why good habits should become boring.

• An introduction to my 4-5-6 System for daily living.

• The difference between rituals vs habits.

• The powerful journaling technique that everyone forgets.

• The 4 rituals you MUST to do every AM and PM.and

• The miracle of the bamboo tree.

How toxic people, toxic haste, toxic thinking and toxic feelings wreck your energy levels
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In this part 2 of the series on the topic: ENEREGY IS THE NEW CURRENCY IN THE 21ST CENTURY sam discusses amongst many things:

• What Usain Bolt ate 3 hours before he broke the world record

• Why doing things with haste decimates your energy levels

• The 8 tell-tale signs of toxic people

• What is toxic thinking

• Identifying negative self-talk

• The antidote to toxic thinking

• The toxic feelings that wreck your energy levels

• How resistance and blame causes anxiety

• The antidote to resistance and blame

• The two imposters that lead to unhappiness and depression

• How to neutralise the two imposters with one powerful antidote

How to become invincible with 6 ‘physical’ lifestyle changes that work for EVERYONE
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In this podcast, host Sam Makhoul explains why ENERGY IS THE NEW CURRENCY FOR THE 21st CENTURY. He delivers rapid-fire tips on how to operate at peak performance using protocols he has personally lived by from over 27 years of research and coaching. INCLUDING:

• The relationship between SLEEP, SUNSHINE, SOCIALISING AND SEX

• Why diet and exercise are LESS important than we are led to believe.

• Foods that make you angry

• Why you need to get HANGRY more often

• Minimum effective dose exercise

• And much more

This is part 1 of a 3-part series. Next part is on becoming mentally and emotionally INVINCIBLE with 4 unique techniques that completely neutralise anxiety and unhappiness.

How to reset your body clock for rejuvenating sleep
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In this episode, genetics-based high-performance coach, Alessandra Edwards explains:

• Her unique ‘book-ending’ technique used by many Top 500 CEOs to decimate insomnia forever.

• Why many sleep tips don’t work and why resetting your body clock is the only permanent solution.

• Her five steps to resetting your body clock quickly and easily.

We also talk about:

A. Why you should not wear sunglasses in the morning

B. Why you should eat protein for breakfast and lunch but not for dinner.

C. The 2 essential supplements everyone should take. And A little known third supplement, essential for some.


From arguably one of Australia’s best and most effective high-performance coaches.

Why Meditation is Your No.1 Bio-Hack
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Meditation has been hailed as the most potent superpower humans possess. But why do so few of us spend time on this ancient ritual that has been the same for thousands of years? In this podcast we take a shallow dive into the world of meditation, it’s benefits, why it’s so hard and how you can start slowly; by my favourite meditation coaches, Tom Sullivan – the new author of, A STILL MIND – to be released in January at Upgrade Your Life 2020. We discuss such things as:

• How two years of meditation practice helps you look 7-15 years younger.

• How meditation takes you out of your head and into your body to stimulate creativity and sensuality.

• Includes a guided meditation by Tom, who has one of the most soothing voices on the planet.

Why 95% of people lose money on investments
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Paul Siderovski may be the best business advisor you may not know but he has shared the stage with and is in partnership with none other than Tony Robbins.

In this podcast, he downloaded so much information and inside-tips on wealth creation and management including:

• The big mistake most people make when it comes to investing

• Why your business should be your primary asset

• The critical difference between a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset

• Why good people with good money do the right thing at the wrong time

• Why you need to get into the game of investing

• Where you should spend your profits

• The rules for asset allocation

• The biggest mistake you can make with money and in life

• The Greek wealth principal known as Metreon

• Why you should never retire

• And so much more!

Part 2 – 10 Brain Hacks for Better Work Performance
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Jim Kwik is a world expert in brain performance and accelerated learning. In this Part 2 of the podcast he shares:

• The superpower Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are learning

• How chronic stress shrinks the brain

• How to discover your purpose

• How to use daily micro-habits to change your life

• The Zeigarnik effect, AND

• The 2500 year old “memory palace” technique used by the Ancient Greeks

Part 1 – How to Upgrade Your Brain, Learn faster and Improve Memory.
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Jim Kwik is a world expert in brain performance and accelerated learning. For more than two decades he has served as a mind coach to leaders in education, entertainment, technology and business, and currently serves top achievers in over 85 countries.

In this Part 1 of the podcast he not only shares strategies for brain optimisation he ALSO shares his wisdom on living a life of greater power, productivity and purpose.

• How Jim went from “the boy with the broken brain” to becoming the world’s leading brain coach to billionaires and celebrities

• How to survive in the new era of artificial intelligence.

• One game-changing strategy for built-in gratitude.

• What he loves about David Goggins

• And so much more…

How to discover your genetic type to eat, sleep, move, and think better.
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Alessandra Edwards is a professional health and performance expert who sees things through the lens of genetics. In this podcast she talks:

• The 2 big mistakes made by most execs

• The 6 different genetic types and how to identify which one you are

• Why keto can be harmful

• Why some supplements can be dangerous

• The lifestyle changes that will upgrade your energy quickly

• The 3 supplements you need to take if you have trouble sleeping.

• And so much more.

How to Age Boldly
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Hot off the main stage at TED in Edinburgh, Carl discusses why your mindset about ageing is just as important as diet and exercise. He shares 4 critical protocols for how to age boldly and he describes a vision so compelling that it gave me goosebumps! We also discuss the U curve of happiness; changing the language you use and let others use; why living outside your comfort zone and seeking novelty is critical; why social media is a great powerful tool and so much more from one of my favourite people on the planet.

How to Outperform Your Competitors
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Tom Panos is Australia’s leading personal development coach and one of the most unique individuals you will ever meet.

In this podcast you will learn,

How he conquered cancer 3 times

How to identify and avoid ‘dickheads’

How to handle rejection and failure in business

The 3 types of phone calls you need to make every morning

What he has learned as a husband and father

The morning ritual he does in the first 15 minutes

His view on faith and spirituality

The dangers of hidden hearing loss and how you can prevent it.
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Sam chats with Dr Kirupa Suthakar on the oft-forgotten topic of human hearing, and how damage of this precious sense can lead to social isolation, depression and even early onset Alzheimer’s.

Dr Suthakar holds a PhD in neuroscience, and works as a researcher at Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School, with a focus on physiological changes underlying hidden hearing loss


Join Sam and Kirupa as they discuss the wonders and mechanisms of hearing, the ways in which hearing loss can impact our quality of life, and what steps can be taken to preserve our most vulnerable sense.

Kirupa offers an expert perspective on the function of hearing in daily life, the social and cognitive impacts of hearing loss, and some everyday tips for safeguarding this sense, which will ring true for all of us.

Is Your Home Making you Sick? Discover how to protect your family from the silent, dangerous effects of EMFs.
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When we suffer health issues, or energy dips or consistently wake up feeling groggy and foggy, we tend to blame it on poor diet, lack of exercise and even our mental health. But what if it isn’t any of these things? What if it is toxins that you cannot even see, like moulds, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, EMF’s, 4G and poor Feng Shui in your home.

In the last podcast, Mark Bunn, made the point that our natural expression as humans is that of high energy, vitality and happiness. In this episode, Joachim Herrmann, one of the world’s leading building biologists, teaches us HOW to eliminate all the invisible stressors on the body so your natural state can shine through.

The 5 Health Pillars of Ayurvedic medicine.
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In this episode, Sam discusses a unique approach to health with Mark Bunn. Mark is a leading health researcher, Ayurvedic Medicine and best-selling author of Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health.

Together they explore topics such as fasting, sleep, the circadian rhythm, body type, sunlight, diet, and more, through the unique lens of Ayurvedic Medicine and philosophy.

Mark offers a refreshingly human perspective on our physical, and mental requirements in a world which fills our lives with the slowest killer: stress.