Upgrade Your Life 2020

If you thought Upgrade Your Life 2019 was an incredible experience, wait till you witness UYL2020 VISION!

Upgrade Your Life is an annual event held ever January. It is a 3 day event like no other that will help you hit the reset button and upgrade every aspect of your life.

Download the latest research from world leading experts across the 8 areas of life.

Discover and take stock of your life right now.

Design a new life for the year ahead.

The world is changing fast and if you do not adapt, pivot and upgrade you will fall behind very quickly, not just professionally but personally.

Watch this highlights movie from Upgrade Your Life 2019

What our community had to say


Less Conference … more Festival  
Less Networking … more Connecting
Less Business … more Fun and Friendship


Be Yourself   
Be Open
Be Fearless
Be Present

Over 90% of people that attended our Upgrade Your Life 2019, rated it as the best event that they have ever attended!

So what made the event such a magical and multi-sensory learning experience? It is difficult to describe in words.

Some described it as “….the birth of a new community (and the start of a movement!) dedicated to life-long learning, fuelled by fun and friendship and powered by professionals who care deeply.”

Others said it was like “…attending a 3-day TED talk by day and partying with like-minded people by night.”


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The Experiences

The team at A Higher Branch Success Academy have organised memorable experiences and epic parties during the event, for you and the whole family to enjoy. 

Your ticket includes attendance at all speaking sessions, workshops and breakout sessions, Tabata, yoga and meditation activities, 5-star food and beverage, 3 evening parties including delicious, healthy food & beverage.

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Meet Our Expert Speakers

An exceptional team of performance coaches, leading experts and thought leaders have been carefully curated to help you boost work performance and personal performance to incredible levels.

Carl Honoré

Award-winning Writer, Broadcaster and TED Speaker

Carl travels the world to deliver dynamic keynotes loaded with insight, importation and humour. His message is powerfully counterintuitive: the best way to thrive in a fast world is to slow down.

Mark Bunn

Leading Natural Health Researcher

Mark is one of our faculty experts on health. He is a natural-health coach specialising in ayurvedic medicine and the author of ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health‘.

Dr Guy Winch

Psychologist, Relationship Counsellor and Author

Guy is an in-demand keynote speaker who is a leading advocate for integrating the science of emotional health into our daily lives, workplaces, and education systems.

Tom Sullivan

Meditation and Mindfulness Coach

Tom brings a decade of experience and a passion for mediation into all his classes. His satisfaction in teaching is gained through guiding beginners into this wonderful, age-old method.

More speakers to be announced!

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Why should you attend?

  • I’m doing well in life but want to take it to the next level.
  • I want to outperform my competitors and dominate my industry.
  • I have grand plans, but my energy levels can’t keep up.
  • I never seem to have enough time for fun or sleep.
  • I want to know which diet best suits my metabolic type.
  • I want to know which exercise suits my body type.
  • I want to know which meditation best suits my personality type.
  • I want to know what sleep patterns suit my chrono type.
  • I want to be more intimate with my partner.
  • I want to know how to parent consciously and raise confident children.
  • I want to inspire and contribute to the people around me.
  • I want to make life change but don’t know how or where to start.
  • I want to find a new career or a new business that lights me up.
  • I feel that my partner, family or friends are not getting the best of me.
  • I have lost the art of making friends and having fun.
  • I find it difficult sometimes to control negative thoughts and emotions.

Program Snapshot

We are currently working on the best content and we will have the Full Program to you soon! This is a transformational event which goes deeper than motivation. All the research shows that motivation without systems for living can set you up for disappointment.

Expert Speakers


Wellbeing Activities

Epic Parties

Implement Your Learning

Join A Community

“Don’t drift in the direction of your greatest weaknesses!”

Neglecting your health, love life, family, friendships and social life ultimately brings pain and dysfunction. Most people neglect these areas and spend long hours at work on the promise of one day slowing down. It is a trap and an old way of thinking. Our framework for living will arm you with powerful techniques to help boost your performance across all areas and stop you deferring your happiness.

You will learn the latest research in each of the 8 areas of life. And you will learn an exclusive five-step framework to help you design an outstanding life filled with happiness, high energy and purpose. The method is so simple that it will leave you wondering where this wisdom has been hidden all these years. You will leave with newfound clarity and a personalised and powerful life plan across the following eight areas.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much are the tickets?

A ticket to Upgrade Your Life 2020 includes 3 days of incredible and accomplished individuals. Adult tickets start at AUD $1,495. Please contact Petrushka Thach, at petrushka@ahigherbranch.com or call 0428 213 060. Teens between age of 13-17 attend for free with their paying parent.

What’s included in the cost of the ticket?

Your ticket includes three days of exclusive learning from a line-up of leading global experts, and an epic gathering of like-minded people from all around the world. There will be a lot of time for connecting and networking during lunch and the breaks with some of the most interesting and inspirational people you’ll ever meet. Lunch and breaks are all included in the price for you and the family.

We also include incredible parties, private events and excursions. Delicious food and drink at the event is included. You’re not just attending one event. You’re joining an exclusive ongoing community for life.

Is the cost for this event tax deductible?

Events such as this would normally be tax deductible but it all depends on the laws of your country and your personal circumstances. You will need to confirm this with your accountant or tax advisor.

Can I bring my spouse to the event?

Attendees are welcome to invite their spouse to the event, however in order to attend any of the events (seminar room or social events) they require a ticket. For bookings or further information please contact Petrushka Thach, at petrushka@ahigherbranch.com or call 0428 213 060.

Can I bring my children?

A Higher Branch Success Academy is family friendly and welcomes children of all ages. Children under 18 attend for free.

What can I expect at Upgrade Your Life, 2020?

This is not a lecture style seminar. It’s an event that brings together people who have, by nature, a desire to upgrade their lives.

You’ll receive powerful training on numerous self-improvement topics causing profound mind shifts, ground-breaking ideas, deep connections, and unique opportunities to give back. This event will significantly expand your ability for accomplishment and fulfilment. By day you can expect mind-blowing stage presentations from world renowned speakers and by night you’ll dance the night away at incredible parties, bonding with some of the world’s most brilliant people.

Who is speaking?

We bring to the stage top experts from around the world to talk about how you can upgrade yourself in the 8 areas of your life. More speakers will be announced in the lead-up to the event.

Main talks will range from 15 – 45 minute content rich presentations to 60 minute breakout sessions. Here, you will get a chance to dig deeper into the topic of your choice and will get a chance to discuss some of the most fascinating new ideas and developments.

How much free time can I expect?

Apart from the first ‘meet’ day and the last ‘fun’ day, you will have very little free time on the 3 full days in between. Lunch will be about an hour and there will be about an hour or so after each day to relax, eat, meditate, shower etc, before the evening events begin. Attendance at every session is optional however we suggest you would not want to miss out. We have some amazing experiences planned that are included in the event ticket price.

How do I book my travel and accommodation?

All travel and accommodation can be booked with Michelle or Brooke at Deja Vu Travel – 02 8347 0777 – info@dejavutravel.com.au.

What time does the event start & finish?

Registration will be on Day One, Friday 24 January at 8:00am. The first speaker will commence at 9:00am so all attendees must be seated by 8:50am. Please aim to arrive at 8:00am. 

We have optional morning activities and evening events planned, so don’t make any plans for the evenings because you can expect a lot of fun from early in the morning until well into the night!

Is there allocated seating?

Seating is on a ‘first in best dressed’ basis. We will endeavour to arrange that you sit with friends/family or the people you booked with. To ensure this occurs, please arrive in the group you wish to sit with.

Do I need to print out my ticket?

No, but you will need to have the digital ticket available on your smartphone. We need to scan the QR code on our devices in order to check you in to the event. The QR code is the black square included on your e-ticket.

Is there a ticket price where you can attend the conference only?

Yes, you can attend the conference only for $895. The ticket includes food and beverage. For bookings or further information please contact Petrushka Thach, at petrushka@ahigherbranch.com or call 0428 213 060.

To book or enquire further please contact: Petrushka Thach
Executive Assistant and Project Manager
Mobile: 0428 213 060
Email: petrushka@ahigherbranch.com

To book your travel and accommodation please contact:

Deja Vu Travel – Michelle or Brooke.
02 8347 0777