Upgrade Your Life 2020 “VISION”

So many moments, so many memories of joy, tears and laughter. Here is short clip and stay tuned for many more including the moment that stopped the room.

The impact that David Goggins has on people’s lives is phenomenal. Here is one such story from two beautiful people who attended Upgrade Your Life 2020 in Sydney Australia.

Thank you Casey-Lee and Maddox for sharing your story with honesty and vulnerability. Losing a loved one to depression and suicide is tough and tragic but your strength in sharing the story and building your lives back up is truly inspirational.

Thank you David Goggins for your inspiration, generosity and your love for humanity that clearly drives you.

Day 2: Sydney Harbour Boat Cruise With Our Speakers:

After two days of learning how to upgrade your lives, it was time for our speakers and community to relax and celebrate Australia Day on the best harbour in the world.

David Goggins’ Podcast Is Here:

David Goggins is the toughest athlete alive, and may well be the most inspirational figure on the planet today. We shared a powerful conversation at Upgrade Your Life 2020 about our stories that revealed areas that Goggins has NEVER released publicly.

Our podcast episode provides powerful wisdom that will bring incredible change to your life. Hear this life-changing episode on our podcast on Spotify,  iTunes and on our YouTube channel.

Our Favourite Photos from 2020

Messages from Our A Higher Branch Community


I just want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for this weekend. I’ve been on cloud 9 since I’ve come away. It was honestly one of the best weekends of my life. You guys absolutely smashed it!!! You should be so so proud. The work that clearly went into that event didn’t go unnoticed. I can’t wait for next year already! Thank you from the bottom of my heart 💛💛💛

Chloe Freason


What a transformative 2 days. I’ve been to dozens of conferences previously, and have never seen such great leadership to give such structure and glue to the facilitators. The lineup was a top shelf of international thought leadership facilitators. I agree with Sam’s speaker introduction that David Goggins is possibly the most influential man on the planet right now. Thanks Sam and the team for an authentic, caring, community approach to upgrading our lives have several practical and effective tools that I WILL implement.

Martin Beanland


I just want to once again personally thank A Higher Branch Academy for your efforts in putting together the most insightful weekend of my life including giving me the opportunity to meet David Goggins and have 2mins to show him my appreciation. It meant so much to me I’m shacking once again as I write this. Listening to others share their stories with David put me at easy and at home in many ways. With or without Goggins I will be back next year bigger and stronger. Love you all. Cheers, peace out.

Todd Wegner


Secured my spot for 2021. Bringing my husband next year. Such an amazing event and such a wonderful Upgrade Your Life Community. I’ve connected with some wonderful individuals. We are staying in touch to see how we progress through the year!!So Thankyou I’ve met some amazing people on the weekend, I felt like I wanted to meet everyone to hear their stories. Thankyou for an incredible event, came to see Goggins but got so much more!! Your speakers have given me so much information to get me to that next level. For many years. I’ve been looking for an event that can guide me with Self Identity, Mindset/Brainpower/Nutrition and Meditation I feel so blessed to have experienced what you have created and I’m telling everyone I know about the event. I cannot Thankyou enough!!

Brooke Feenan


Thanks again for organising an awesome event. I met so many people over the
past 2 days! The event was very well run with amazing speakers, great food and memorable after parties. It was a great way for us to hit the reset button and kick start 2020. We’ve reserved our seats for 2021 and we are looking forward to see what you have planned. Wishing you all the best and thank you for welcoming us into the upgrade your life community.

David Le


There are events that claim to have a mind, body, wealth and health connection and there are events that deliver. Upgrade Your Life is an event for those that have a deep passion for exiting mediocrity and clearly breaking down the tools for joy, health and prosperity. If you want to take things to the next level in areas of Charity, Love, Family, Work, Friendship, Learning or Wealth, Sam and his team have nailed the magic formulae. Keep changing the world guys, it’s working.

Barry Nicolaou

Our Expert Speakers

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Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik is a global expert on brain performance and coach to billionaires and celebrities. He shared hacks and habits to upgrade your brains health and performance. In his session he unpacked the latest health protocols to take care of your most precious asset – your brain.

Sam Makhoul

Sam Makhoul's defining moment from his childhood. His inspirational story tells us that out of every adversity there is the opportunity for greatness.

Out of Adversity comes the opportunity for each of us to display our own greatness. See how David Goggins reacts to Sam's own adversity during the Lebanese civil war. David’s own life story inspired Sam to share that defining moment on the stage at Upgrade Your Life 2020.

Almost all of humanity makes this mistake. In this short video, recorded live in Sydney at Upgrade Your Life 2020, Sam Makhoul, founder shares a metaphor on the tragic consequences of neglecting parts of your life on the promise of tomorrow.

The limits we place on our growth are often self-imposed. It is when we push beyond what we believe achievable that we discover new possibilities and set higher benchmarks.

What Is Stopping You From Growing In All The Eight Trees Of Life?

Dr Jenn Mann

Dr Jenn Mann is America’s Top Parenting Therapist, best-selling author and host of hit TV show “Family Therapy”. In her sessions she shared topics on Family, Parenting, Love and Relationships

Dr Guy Winch

Dr Guy Winch is a best-selling author, practising psychologist NYC and TED Speaker. Guy shared two topics: How to overcome fear, anxiety and other ’emotional’ obstacles that stand between you and the life you want to live and The Science of Identity For Behavioural Change: How to Fix a Broken Heart.

Mark Bunn

Mark Bunn, Leading Researcher, Ayurvedic medicine and best-selling author of Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health. Shared insight into how to understand your unique Ayurvedic body type so you can maximise your diet, sleep, work success, relationships, stress management and more. Mark outlined how your body type influences all eight areas of life and will help you make sense of popular bio-hacks such as fasting and ice-baths, some of which can be harmful for certain people.

Tom Sullivan

Tom Sullivan, A Higher Branch's Meditation Coach and Author of A Still Mind, took us through a mindfulness practice – group meditation interlude.

Our Community

A Higher Branch may be a new community but we certainly sent a loud and clear message at UYL2020. The days of neglecting parts of our life to climb the material ladder are over.

The days of deferring our happiness for a dangled short-term carrot are gone.
The days of living subconsciously as a slave to our past fears and regrets is behind us.