7 Fearless Qualities We Can Learn From Kids

Family wearing gumboots in the rain

By Sam Makhoul

Kids see the world through different eyes. Eyes that do not (or prefer not to) perceive limitation or fear.

Kids tackle life with a sense of curiosity, imagination and fun. Here are seven pretty cool things you can learn from kids that will help you live outside the square and get noticed at work (in a good way):

1. Kids Have No Limits:

They think BIG. Progress is only ever made when you challenge the limits. So go ahead and ask “what if we do this?” at the next meeting.

2. Kids Are Fearless:

Little boy showing off his biceps

Get a bunch of kids in a group and ask them for ideas on anything and they will go nuts. Their eyes light up with enthusiasm and they get animated. Compare that with adults who sit there deliberating on everything they say for fear of sounding stupid.

3. Kids Like To Have Fun:

Otherwise, they start to yawn and get tired. Their energy does not go to waste. It is expended completely. Having fun does not mean frivolous fun at the expense of getting stuff done. Get creative about what you do. Ask yourself, “what can I do differently to grab people’s attention?”

4. Adults Ask “Why?” Kids Ask “Why Not!”

They don’t take no for an answer. If kids are enthusiastic about an idea, it’s hard to dissuade them.

5. Kids Don’t Hold Back:

If they don’t like something they will let you know. So speak truthfully at work. Say what’s on your mind. Do not agree with ideas just to be popular. Pull someone up who is doing the wrong thing.

6. Kids Get Over It Pretty Quickly:

Children playing and laughing

They wake the next morning and don’t even remember what they did wrong or what upset them the previous day. They forgive quickly and don’t hold grudges. They are wired to say “next”.

7. Kids Love Their Imagination And Use It To Daydream:

Adults learn to steer away from their imagination as they grow older because they start to use it to imagine the worst. So, it scares them. It makes them feel uneasy and they retreat from using this amazing faculty. Compare this with kids who use it to think of the best ideas ever.

So, here’s a BIG idea. Hire more kids at heart. And remember that there is a difference between being child-like and being childish.

You want the former not the latter. Every organisation that is serious about innovation and business transformation has to have enthusiastic and imaginative people in their talent pool.

More importantly, they have to nurture and promote such talent to positions of influence and not just for transient amusement or the fake appearance of being a cool company. Your creative imagination is the most important human quality.

Just like the sense of taste or smell or touch, it is there for a very good evolutionary reason. It is there so you can imagine a compelling future.

Humans are the only ones in the animal kingdom to have this faculty. Why? So we can materialise what we visualise.

The problem is that this superpower did not come with a handbook. As children, we could tap into it at will but as adults, we do not understand it and know how to use it.

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