Why Is Charity Important?

Why is it that the most successful and richest people on the planet turn to helping others? It is because they come to realise that our life only has meaning when we are contributing.

When we help others, we connect and nurture the qualities of love and compassion within us. This stimulates the most powerful of energies: Our spiritual energy. This energy is the deepest and truest source of life force.

Most of us in the corporate world neglect this one of the eight areas for two reasons:

  1. We are too pre-occupied with our own life challenges that we have little bandwidth to think about others. We are simply too busy.
  2. We do not truly know what charity is or how to express it, not because we are unkind, humans are innately charitable because we love to share. It is because some of us do not know how to share or what to share that we find challenges.

At A Higher Branch Success Academy, we prioritise this area of life as number eight out of all the eight areas, but that does not make it any less important. Each of the eight areas contribute to your health and happiness in their own unique way.

The two core principles of this academy are:

  • Living a complete life in each of the eight areas and;
  • Constantly upgrading your life in each of them.

If you neglect any one of the eight areas, including charity, your life energy, passion, creativity and success is reduced in a profound way.

How Do You Practice Charity And Contribution?

Quote that reads "the truest form of charity comes from the heart, not the wallet. It's the giving of ourselves"

The most beautiful synergy between the eight areas of life becomes apparent when you realise that each one relies on the other. This gives us an insight as to how you practice being charitable.

When it comes to Health, you practice charity by being kind to yourself in eating well, exercising and sleeping optimally. When it comes to Love and Family, charity starts at home by loving them unconditionally and showing support.

When it comes to Work you can practice charity by training and mentoring someone at work or serving customers from the heart and not out of obligation or money. When it comes to Friends simply listening to a friend is a form of charity.

When it comes to Learning you can be charitable to yourself by making time out for your personal development. Finally, when it comes to Wealth, you can show charity by donating whatever you can afford to a charity whose mission resonates deeply within you.

Our Power of Eight program includes a short module on practising charity daily. While Learning is for growth, charity is for contribution.

Our module shows you to practice charity in a very unique way using our proprietary five step method for conscious living. Our community includes high-performing executives and entrepreneurs dedicated to continuous upgrade of all eight areas of life.