Why Is Learning So Important?

Learning is how we grow personally and professionally. It is the sixth most important area in our lives and the foundation upon, which A Higher Branch Success Academy has been established.

It is the essence of our philosophy of climbing higher in life and the quest for constant upgrade and improvement in all eight areas of our life. Without learning we stagnate in those areas.

We do the same things every day because we do not know any better. Learning empowers us to try new things and reach for new goals and dreams.


What Is Learning?

People make three mistakes when it comes to learning:

1. We were taught that learning is an external adventure where you learn about things relevant to your vocation. Schools, universities and places of work all teach subject matter. Success in the 21st century however does not rely on how much you know. Knowledge is expected and through the use of technology everyone is working smarter than ever before. It is how and where you apply this knowledge that is your point of difference.

2. Some people stop learning when they graduate from school or university. True learning is a life-long adventure where you continuously learn about each of the eight areas of life.

3. Some people make the mistake of learning from the internet. We live in an era of information overload and making sense of this information is difficult when digested in an unstructured way. The internet is also filled with information designed to promote one fad over another. One diet over another. One lifestyle over another. One product over another. We must all proceed with scepticism because the information does not respect and honour our uniqueness.

Quote from Albert Einstein that reads: The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education

Our academy honours your uniqueness:

  1. You will learn your type across the eight areas of life.
  2. You will learn a unique framework for digesting and filtering the plethora of information.
  3. You will learn two learning techniques for developing a growth mindset. You will learn how to learn.
  4.  You will learn the latest research from leading global experts focusing on the eight key areas of life. Our community becomes your source for the latest in information. All speakers are curated and presented within our proprietary framework and the principles pioneered in the book, A Higher Branch.

Our Mission:

At A Higher Branch, we are focused on filling the gap left by schools, universities and places of work. We are in effect a life academy where you learn and constantly upgrade your health, your love life, your family life, your work performance, your social life, your wealth and your contribution to humanity.

These are the areas we should never stop learning about. For example, how to be boost your energy levels, how to be a better life partner or parent, how to improve in each of the eight areas of life.

We live in an amazing time where learning from thought leaders and pioneers is so much easier. We have access to books in audio and written format that are downloadable at the click of a mouse or tap on a screen and through travel we can attend events anywhere in the world for face-to-face learning with these same thought leaders.

Tree of the eight methods of life

“What the old man taught me about the Tree of Learning left a deep impression on me throughout my years as a student. It empowered me to look at school objectively, only applying the lessons that were relevant.

Just as the old man predicted, school made me think that learning was all about attaining good grades and getting a good job. I was never taught what I wanted to learn, but what the curriculum outlined. Had I been given the freedom to choose my learning, I would have embraced it. Instead, I expressed my defiance by doing the bare minimum in subjects I had no talent for or interest in.

I took the old man’s advice and taught myself about all areas of life. I studied books on health, love, family, work, friendship, wealth and charity. There were not that many at the time, but the ones I did find were insightful books by pioneering minds.

After many years of private learning I began to discover my own ideas on how to live and express my talents. It was through these ideas that I developed self‐awareness. They led me to many opportunities that I seized. What I learned privately became the real reason for my achievements, personally and professionally. Learning to climb to a higher branch in all eight Trees taught me to be a healthier person, a loving partner, a supportive father, a caring brother, a fun friend, an inspirational leader, a visionary entrepreneur and an empathetic, charitable member of society.” – Excerpt from Chapter 3, A Higher Branch by Sam Makhoul.