Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’ts

Love sign

By Sam Makhoul

Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the globe every year. It is a day that brings couples together; a day that they show off their true love and desire for one another.

And as the years go on, Valentine’s Day grows bigger and bigger. But what exactly are you expected to do for your loved one on this particular day?

We uncover the true dos and don’ts when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

But First, What Is Love?

At A Higher Branch, we are expanding the scope of Valentine’s day. Love is not just about romance but also about love for self, love for family (including pets), love for friends, love for colleague sand love for humanity generally, including strangers and the customers we serve or the random person that serves us.

A simple note of appreciation in an email or kind words in person or over the telephone are unexpectedly nice and will make a person’s day. It’s that easy and yet so powerful.

As Dr Guy Winch says, love does not have to be grand. It’s in the little gestures and words to show people they are valued.

And remember that showing love to people who are nice is easy. Showing love to people you don’t know or who appear unfriendly is where true greatness lies. Often, they are the people who need our love the most.

Man with a rose on Valentine's Day

The Dos And Don’ts On Valentine’s Day:


  • Don’t – Buy flowers
  • Don’t – Say I love you
  • Don’t – Book a restaurant 
  • Don’t – Overspend on gifts
  • Don’t – Post a Valentine’s Day picture on social media


  • Do – Look at old photos together
  • Do – Write each other a love letter of what you love about them
  • Do – Pack a picnic or re-create your first date
  • Do – Reminisce about your favourite moments and highlights reel
  • Do – Cook your favourite meal together
  • Do – Involve your children before their bedtime
  • Do – Switch off the lights and technology, light candles and get intimate
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