How Grounding And Sun Gazing Boost Your Mood

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By Sam Makhoul

I cannot stress how important these three simple protocols are for your wellbeing. When practised together they have a compounding impact not just on your physical but on more importantly your mental and emotional balance.

They are healing at a deep level and they complement your four-morning rituals beautifully to give you the best start and finish to the day. And they only take one to two minutes to perform.

Ground, Gaze, Breathe (GGB):

This life hack should be practised together, preferably within 45-minutes of sunrise and 45-minutes of sunset. I do them religiously wherever I may be in the world.

In fact, I wrote this from NYC and I had just returned from Central Park where I performed these trios just before my jog and meditation. It got rid of my jetlag almost instantly.

The protocol provides the ultimate detox, the best antioxidant and the best elixir for your gut health.

  1. Step 1: Go barefoot on grass
  2. Step 2: Gaze at the sun
  3. Step 3: Breath deeply

Breathe deeply in and out through the mouth for 45-seconds whilst you look towards the sun. Don’t look directly at the sun.

Take in the whole picture without focusing on anything in particular. The sun early and late in the day will not hurt your eyes, especially for only 45-seconds.

Have a break of 15-seconds and then repeat two to three times. I also suggest you do eye exercises during the 15-second break.

Lady running into the sun

Simply look left, right, up, down, diagonal then round to the left and right. Don’t forget to breathe normally while you are doing these eye exercises.

The combination of deep breathing, sun gazing and grounding literally drains all the negative energy and replaces it with the earth’s healing energy. This is not pseudoscience.

There is a lot of research showing that grounding or earthing replaces positively charged ions (bad for you) with negatively charged ions. It has a dramatic antioxidant effect.

It detox’s the body much more than any herbal detox program. Remember that 70% of our detox is done by the lungs through the breath.

Bathing your eyes with sunshine boosts your energy, mood and provides a direct neuropathway through the pineal gland to your gut, where it regulates the diversity of your gut bacteria. This will boost not just the happy hormone serotonin but the all-important melatonin, which is responsible in so many functions including energy production and sleep promotion.

Sleep is the ultimate superfood for body and mind. For more detailed information on all three protocols of this healthy trinity please visit our faculty expert and health researcher Mark Bunn.

My Rant:

This Hack #1 in our series is much more effective than probiotics, prebiotic, juice fasts, herbal supplements and the like. And it is free!

Something the wellness industry will not tell you because they don’t make money from the sun, earth and breath. As an Australian heart surgeon, Dr Nikki Stamp recently said beautifully: “The Wellness industry does not care about you or your health.

“The only thing they want from us is our money and adoration which they take with glee. Each time we like an Instagram post….read their books or juice some vegetable, we’re lining their pockets and making very little impact on our own health.”

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