A Higher Branch


About A Higher Branch

A Higher Branch is a 21st Century guide to living consciously and the importance of focusing just as hard on your personal life as you would your work and career. This is told in an unforgettable collage of stories using the device of a young boy who is taught wisdom by the Jungian archetype of a wise old man.

It is a universal fable about a young boy, Tom, who loves to climb trees. One day he goes into the woods and loses his way home. The story serves as a simple metaphor for how, as adults, we often lose our way in life. Being lost is a terrifying experience for a child, but as adults we sometimes accept this condition, as a normal way of life. We drift aimlessly without passion or purpose. The story highlights the tragedy that in our evolution into adulthood we are never given a practical guide to life.

In the story, Tom is given that simple guide by a wise old man (Tom as a grown up) who introduces him to the eight trees of life: health, love, family, work, friendship, learning, wealth and charity. The old man takes Tom on a journey through the different stages of his life: the wonder years of youth, the learning years of school and university, the first love and first job, the marriage and parenting years, the working years and finally his retirement and re‐invention.

The story also takes us on the same journey, at whatever stage we may be in our life. We start to relate to the old man as he shares with Tom all his mistakes (lessons) and regrets. The story also dares us to see ourselves as the lost little child. It provokes the question: If you could go back and guide yourself as a little boy or girl, what lessons would you teach? More poignantly, would that little boy or girl be happy with the life you are living right now?



Author’s Statement – What is so special about this book?

It is a fable filled with unforgettable stories that will live in your heart forever. The unique lessons you learn will transform your thinking. It contains a wisdom that has shaped my whole life; by giving me a daily guide to follow and a powerful pattern of thinking that hard-wires me for happiness and achievement. To say that it has changed my life is an understatement. It is my life! And has been since I was eight years of age. It has helped me be:

  • a healthy and energetic person
  • a loving partner
  • a supportive father
  • a fun and exciting friend
  • an inspirational leader
  • a visionary entrepreneur and
  • an empathetic and charitable member of society.

I experienced a number of struggles and setbacks throughout my life, most of which were thrust upon me. In 1973, my family fled the civil war in Lebanon in circumstances that were not pleasant. I share this with you to demonstrate the point that no one is born into a perfect set of circumstances. Like many, I lived with fears and insecurities. But despite these challenges, I have been blessed with a life full of love, contentment and purpose. More than I ever imagined possible.

The answer is simple. And it is revealed to you in A Higher Branch.

Eating the fruit on the highest branch in life is not what brings ultimate satisfaction. Sure, it gives you a brief sense of achievement, but it is the simple act of constant climbing that gives meaning and lasting happiness.

What most people call depression is sometimes nothing more than stagnation of the human spirit. This affliction does not discriminate. Whether you are rich or poor, upper class or middle class, third world or first world, if you cease to climb higher, you will lose your way in life. If, however, you choose to keep climbing, happiness and satisfaction will not discriminate either. You will be happy no matter your circumstances.

The real secret comes in knowing what areas of your life to climb and how to climb them.

That is what the story reveals. And it does so in a magical way that is hard to forget.

They say that the best camera is the one you have on you. Well this is what A Higher Branch islike. You will find that the lessons learned in the story will come to you when you most need them and whenever you are faced with a particular challenge in your daily life. That’s what makes it so effective.

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