Can Meditation Help You Outperform The Competition?

By Sam Makhoul

We are now ALL competing with a new breed of high achievers! They eat like athletes, train like titans and meditate like monks.

Why meditate? Because in today’s world, success no longer belongs to the smartest or the most knowledgeable.

It belongs to the ‘energy elite’ who get more done in less time more sustainably. And that’s what meditation delivers. It’s the NEW secret weapon in business.

You cannot ignore it. Its benefits include:

  • High energy
  • Brainpower
  • Reverses Ageing
  • Relieves Anxiety

The Big Question Is: What Type Of Meditation?

In its essence, meditation is a simple practice where you put all of your awareness and attention on something that is happening in that moment, such as your breath, a flower, rustling branches or any sound. But what if there was a type of meditation that goes further?

One that helps you make an instant connection with people, whether it’s a client or the person sitting across you at a bar. And one that gives you magnetic attraction. There is such a meditation technique. One that has been designed for A Higher Branch community by our faculty member, Tom Sullivan.

We believe it is one of the most powerful meditation practices on the planet that will boost your performance and give you a competitive edge!

Introducing Tom Sullivan:

We are excited to announce that Tom Sullivan, has joined the Higher Branch faculty as our Meditation Coach. Tom is a meditation teacher based in Sydney with over 10 years’ experience, studying, practising and teaching meditation.

He brings a unique and accessible brand of meditation that is completely aligned to the holistic framework pioneered by our Academy. And he has the uncanny ability to guide beginners in a practical way that caters to any hectic lifestyle.

His own experience in balancing a corporate role with a long-term meditation practise makes him the perfect fit for our community.

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