9 Rules To Start The New Year

By Sam Makhoul

New year resolutions are as outdated as the fax machine. And change does NOT have to be grand or radical.

The biggest mistake people make on 1st January is to make unrealistic and unsustainable goals. Please don’t.

It’s best to make none at all. The second biggest mistake people make is they wait around for the perfect time to start.

The thing is, transformation does not fall out of the sky or happen as one big epiphany. Becoming a better version of yourself often only requires little steps and small changes that honour the life you have already built.

1. No More Diet Or Exercise Fads!

Please. You are born different from everyone else. Think about that.

There is no other you on this planet. Stay true to your uniqueness by eating and exercising to your genetic type.

Don’t listen to self-indulgent gurus who preach. They are probably trying to sell you something.

And what works for them may not work for you. One person’s paleo is another person’s poison.

One person’s gym session is another person’s stress. Get bio-tested by an expert to work out what foods you need to stay away from, what exercise is right for you and what sleep patterns optimises your performance.

Biotech is now converging with infotech and you need to stay informed. Ageing is for people who don’t know any better…

2. Don’t Dump On Your Past:

I know you want to upgrade every component of your life but don’t look back on your past with regret or sadness. You need to honour the achievements of your past that brought you to this moment.

They were your building blocks. Sure you made mistakes and sure life has dealt you some blows but it is still your life to own and respect.

When you really think about it, you have achieved more in your life than you give yourself credit for. To help you appreciate how awesome you are, read the next rule.

3. Become Your Own Hero:

By this time next year, you need to look back with joy on your achievements for the whole year. So please give yourself the important exercise of keeping a hero file of every email, every text, every card, every photo that somebody has sent you telling you how much they thank you or appreciate you.

Start today by writing the first note to yourself listing the 8 things you love about you. Don’t think this is strange.

YOU need to love YOU because love goes to where love is – Ben Okri. You will never attract good things, good people and wealth if you do not love yourself and take the time to appreciate how much you do and how much you have.

4. Make An Impact To Better Measure Your success.

5. Be Generous. Be Polite. Be Punctual. Be Impeccable With Your Conduct And Words.

Words matter. Stick and stones may break bones, but the wrong words scar for a lifetime.

6. Make Time To Sleep More:

This is the secret weapon of the highest performers.

7. Don’t Hang Out With Toxic People:

Life is too short to spend it with whiners, blamers and complainers. Your energy will crash along with your bank account. Sorry to be blunt but the company you keep is far more potent on your performance than the food you eat.

8. Focus On  Your Growth:

Listen to audiobooks. Attend seminars and workshops. To double your income and wealth, you need to double your investment in learning and growth. If you are always the smartest person in the room, find a new room.

9. Never Ever Be Too Busy For Family, Friends And People In Need:

Kindness, love and compassion have untold and immeasurable reward both material and spiritual. That is the way of the world.

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