Thank-You to Sam and all the behind the scenes team who made the event flow & of course all the guest speakers! What an amazing service to gift the community. Maddox and I had such a great time & we connected & strengthened our bond. Maddox is a man of few words & some of conversations that we have had over the weekend I get to see that he is
maturing in well rounded human being & I am so thankful that all the information he got over the weekend will in some way always resonate in the back of his mind while he living & growing his life. I also have a huge THANK-YOU to David Goggins for asking Maddox to sit with him last night downstairs on the cruise while I had my dancing shoes on, he only asked him three questions but that simple invite those simple three questions put the biggest smile on his face and made Maddox feel so honoured he has not stopped telling me about it. Looking forward to continuing to be part of the growing higher branch community.