Can I just read the book instead of doing the program or attending the annual Upgrade Your Life event?

There is no doubt that reading A Higher Branch, is thought-provoking, life-clarifying and highly motivating. It is the spark that motivates change. It is the potential for a new future. It cannot however be a substitute for The Power of Eight program and annual Upgrade Your Life event.

The Difference?

THE PROGRAM: Our performance coaching program is highly personalised and delivered by our team of professionals who specialise in each of the eight areas of life. You will go through a set of questionnaires and diagnostics to figure out your metabolic type, personality type, love type, chrono type, meditation type, personality type and other diagnostics that will allow you to craft a highly personalised life plan, not just in health and nutrition, but across all eight areas of your life.

THE EVENT: Our annual Upgrade Your Life event is a three-day immersion of the same program content, but one where you involve your life partner and children. It is also your opportunity to inspire and be inspired by A Higher Branch Success Academy community. There is no substitute for face-to-face collaboration with like-minded people.