Phong Thach

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Phong Thach

Australian Register Of Exercise Professional

Phong Thach is a thought leader in the area of mobility training for people who sit for long periods.

Phong has the intuitive and remarkable ability to heal people’s body mechanical issues through movement.

He can diagnose people’s weak points from observation alone and has a reputation for fixing issues that could not be solved by chiropractors and physiotherapists.

He has over 15 year’s experience in mobility and strength training and specialises in postural challenges experienced by people in the corporate world, including tight hamstrings, neck and back pain, poor balance, sore knees and ankles and even tension headaches.

He has a Bachelor Of Science Degree (Major in Physiology) at the University of Sydney and has delivered a multitude of workshops for company’s such as Merck Sharpe & Dohme, Near Map, MSA National, Foxtel, Citrix, Schneider Electric, Optus, Macquarie University, Cochlear and Aristocrat.

“People often underestimate the profound physical and emotional benefits from having an excellent posture.”