Our Mission

We are dedicated to empowering people with a simple and effective framework for high performance fearless living. Our program and events provide the principles to become your own life architect and the tools to constantly review and upgrade every aspect.

We live in an era where self-awareness and curiosity have been ditched in favour of learning that focuses on all things external from trigonometry to Shakespeare. But there is so much more to being human than learning how to pass exams or being a doctor, plumber, accountant or beautician. These are things we do to make money and find fulfilment. But they do not define who we are. We are so much more than that.

At a Higher Branch Success Academy, we take a holistic look at personal performance by using the eight areas of life as the roadmap to life and the five-step method for conscious living as the guide to growing in each of them.

Our aim is to help you live a complete life and not just a balanced one. We will help you find meaning and purpose, not just happiness.

Once you attend one of our Upgrade Your Life events or complete The Power of Eight program, you become a member of A Higher Branch Success Academy community for life. You will receive priority registration for all future events, before they are offered to the public. You will also receive VIP invitations to special one-off events and workshops held during the year by our team of subject matter experts.

A Higher Branch Exclusive Leather Journals to help you design a life plan.


You all need to be congratulated on such a huge success. You all have put so much effort into the format and offering an amazing experience for everyone that came along.

So glad that I was able to attend the first conference of many to come and now to be part of your community.


Thank you for entering my life as an angel at a time when the outer world saw success and achievements, when in truth I was running myself to the ground. I needed help. Sam, you are a very genuine and generous human being. I am fortunate that we got to meet.


Thank you to Sam and the higher branch team for such an awesome event… truly life changing. Beyond gracious for the opportunity to attend.


You’re going to change my life and my children’s. Sam, you’re an angel.


What an amazing weekend! Sad that it’s over, but excited to implement all the wonderful things learnt.


We are at a juncture in history where we have lost a lot of traditions and we don’t quite know how to live. So Sam has given us important tips that I think are going to be effective. It is a system that we all need. This is a movement. What I like about it – it is not airy fairy nor hard.

This is science that you have given us. It is practical. It is very well rounded.

Nick & Helen

Thank you for allowing myself and Matthew the opportunity to connect and grow with so many people. I have learnt over the past 3 days that we are more than enough, we possess the skills, love, wealth, charity and health to succeed. Knowledge is key, you and your speakers have provided that knowledge. Thank you for believing in us and in your own skills to do this.


We were not disappointed. We were provoked, entertained, enthralled, educated, inspired, amazed, a little sore! Humbled, strengthened, shaped, surprised, gratified, at times a little weary, uplifted, loved, reconnected… and upgraded!

And then there was Sam. Never heard of you before this event, now feel like I’ve known you for ever!

Thank you, Sam, for a smile that could stop a charging lion, for your knowledge – and willingness to share it, for your courage in pushing through the incredible challenge of putting the event together, for the love that obviously drives you, for the fun we had and for setting the perfect pace.


I personally got a lot out of the event which has made me re-evaluate everything. I have a direction and purpose thanks to you and your event. I’m now starting to write the next chapter in my life.


I love your system, your idea of conscious rituals, your passion for energy and all that creates it, your honour of health, your conviction for transcending ‘average’ in all key areas of life as a personal obligation, and for your heart, in bringing this life changing education to us so we can all find our wings.


A Higher Branch Success Academy is compulsory for anyone serious about business excellence and wealth creation.

Bakous Makari
Wealth Creation Expert and Winner 2010 Business Person of the Year - Australia

Great event and thank you for having the courage to step out. Your framework around ‘conscious living’ really clicked for me especially around the concept of blending. The event was real and authentic unlike many I have been to.


Feeling amazing. Loved every moment. Filled with gratitude and inspiration and enriched by wonderful new friendships. Thank you A Higher Branch for so thoughtfully curating such a magnificent event, and for inviting me to be a part of it.

Meredith Gaston

This richness of the experience is quite indescribable; the power of the speakers you’ve chosen is off the charts. Wow!! The most wonderful things is that both myself and Rhiannon are sharing this; and it has already changed who we are.


I will be letting all of my friends know about A Higher Branch Success Academy. I hope they reach as many people as possible.

Tom Sullivan
Accounts Manager, Publishing - Australia

A one-of-a-kind and a must-read for anyone looking for a holistic way of integrating all parts of their life. This is the magic of Sam’s book. He has a unique way of seeing things. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Mark Bunn
Bestselling Author of 'Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health' and International Health and Performance Speaker.

You have inspired me every time I have interacted with you. Thank you once again for everything. I look forward to growing under your leadership and coaching.

Bernard Desmond

A Higher Branch Success Academy embraces all the values that are close to my heart. Inspiring, thought-provoking and action-provoking! It is this type of philosophy that the world needs right now.

Mark Lehane
CFO - Australia

Feeling inspired! I came to this event with an open mind and heart and left with a completely different outlook on life. For the first time am excited about the journey instead of focussing on the result. Thank you again!!


Thanks Sam for creating such an inspiring, valuable and life changing wholistic formula for living your most, healthy, loving, giving and productive conscious life! It’s a TOTAL game changer! I cannot wait to implement the amazing knowledge from such profoundly inspiring, intelligent experts in their field, you definitely found the best of the best.


I am now living my life by the eight trees and the circle of conscious living.

Sandy Aitkenhead

Upgrade Your Life 2019 gave me a renewed perspective, a practical and pragmatic way to approach goals; it was insightful and expansive in wisdom; it was a sense of belonging amongst a community of likeminded people who made you feel valued; it was a safe space that was kind, caring and nurturing but uplifting, invigorating and exciting all at once.

It wasn’t a conference that was out to sell, it was out to share and spread love and happiness.


Thank you all for invigorating my soul. Swimming at the beach and dancing the nights away brought me closer to myself and drew me to the people that attended. I love hyour energy and warm chakra. Hopefully these 8 areas of life can lead me to have a soul as kind as yours.


It is like we have been lost the entire time and now we have the life skill for 100 years. It is great and its really inspiring. This 3- day conference was reassuring and gave us actual things for us to do. It wasn’t all talk and was practical. It wasn’t self-indulgent.

Daphne (16 yrs)

Fantastic event cannot speak more highly of the 3 days, it was highlight after highlight minute by minute. Congrats


A Higher Branch Success Academy is a breath of fresh air. The principles are powerful and the results have been nothing short of remarkable.

Paul Agnew
Managing Partner, McKays Solicitors - Australia

Whether you are a CEO, stay at home parent, retiree or student, A Higher Branch Success Academy will bring all areas of your life into clear focus.

Cathy Dimarchos
CEO - Australia

I have seen positive changes almost instantly in areas of my life that I have been neglecting. I have recommended it to my closest friends and family.

Scott Dalton
Real Estate Agent - Australia

A simple, smart and sage guide to rebooting every aspect of your life. Packed with all the inspiration, knowledge and techniques you need to become the best version of yourself.

Carl Honore
An award winning writer, broadcaster and TED speaker

A Higher Branch Success Academyhas given me the courage and strength to make important life decisions. It also provided me with the answers so simply and taught me to live my true self.

Therese Slan
Financial Counsellor - Australia

What an inspirational event. Still feeling the buzz of amazing energy from the last three days, created by every single speaker, participant and the A Higher Branch team. We learnt so much including the importance of family and friendship, and we feel part of whole new circle of friends, if not family. Thank you


It was absolutely fantastic and just what I needed honestly!! I am excited to start processing all the principles and applying them and formatting my journal. It gave me so much energy.


You are a catalyst for real change in our lives. Your legacy has begun! Your kindness will never be forgotten.


Sam, what can I say? Inspired leader, warm and wonderful friend. Generous and giving spirit. You have embarked on an amazing journey and the people who have joined are blessed.


The event has bene amazing! I’ve loved all the speakers, the new concepts I’ve learnt, the beautiful evening events and being part of your community! Thank you to you and your team for organising this beautiful event which has inspired me to implement your framework and the information I learnt into new habits and routines. I cannot wait for 2020!



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