Management Team

Our growing team at A Higher Branch Success Academy are determined to help you learn to live a fun, fulfilling and fearless life. We are dedicated to empowering our members with a highly effective framework, as well as the techniques and tools needed, to become your own life architect.

Sam Makhoul

Program Director and Chief Curator

Sam is the Author of, A Higher Branch & A Guide To Greatness.
Sam is a teacher at heart who is extremely passionate about bringing value to the A Higher Branch community. Sam’s personal mission is to empower people to become their own life architect and to find clarity among the plethora of confusing information.

Katrina Makhoul

As Events Manager, Katrina is passionate about creating magical experiences for our growing A Higher Branch community that last a life time! Katrina brings together expert speakers from around the world, to join our evolving faculty and incorporates our unique, proprietary and highly successful framework to create a fun, social connection of life-long learning and friendships.

Sam Tachdjian

As Social Events Manager, Sam is passionate about creating memorable experiences and epic parties at our annual event, Upgrade Your Life. He sources incredible artists and performers that fill the room with dancing and laughter. Sam will change all your expectations of how a conference should be. He ensures that attendees party like they have never partied before! As our party curator, Sam creates an incredible vibe that is less conference… more festival. Less networking … more Connecting. Less Business … more Fun and Friendship. 

Petrushka Thach

Petrushka is our Customer Support Manager who directly interacts with growing A Higher Branch community. She provides support and shares the latest information on our upcoming workshops, retreats and the annual event, Upgrade Your Life. Petrushka is positive, deeply passionate and believes in moving mountains to make our community smile by ensuring that we deliver an amazing experience.