Dr Fred Grosse

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Dr Fred Grosse

Global Business Mentor And Life Coach

Frequently referred to as their “unfair advantage” by super-achiever clients around the globe, Dr Grosse could also be called the “Father” of the modern day coaching and mentoring world.

Some thirty years ago, in his thriving psychotherapy practice in Phoenix, Arizona, a number of Dr Fred’s clients began to engage him as their corporate consultant.

Word got out, and these days he is coach and mentor to some of the highest achievers in real estate, financial planning, the automotive industry and other entrepreneurial industries around the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

When he talks about his own career path, acknowledging the caliber of people who consult him now, Dr Fred believe it’s not bad for someone who dropped out of medical school – unheard of in those days.

He went on to dedicate the rest of his life to a deeper calling.

After six years in seminary he graduated as an ordained Rabbi and embarked on what was to become his destiny path- working with people like you and me, whom he describes as “incarnate angels”- helping them to uncover their talents and passions, connect with their souls and claim their inheritance, a Magnificent Life.

After earning a PhD in clinical psychology from International College in Los Angeles, Dr Fred combined his pastoral duties as a Rabbi with a private practice in psychotherapy.

He went on to set up the Gestalt Growth Center in Phoenix, Arizona in 1971.

As his client base expanded to include business executives, managers and sales people, he established the Institute for Management, Organisation and Motivation, an international seminar and management consulting firm with offices in Phoenix, AZ and Christchurch, New Zealand.

Now an international speaker, business psychotherapist, consultant and coach, Dr Fred travels between the South Pacific, North America and Europe sharing and expanding upon his six primary precepts for business people:

  1. Life is primary and business funds life.
  2. Top dollar-productive activities and habits should be the focus when at work.
  3. Family, friends, health and fun, the focus when at home and play.
  4. Delegate and increase your personal productivity.
  5. Focus on what you can offer your clients, not on what you can get from them.
  6. Give back to your community.

An accomplished and captivating speaker, Dr Fred brings not only 45 years of sharing his wisdom with large audiences, but also an outrageous and disarming sense of humour and perspective on human beingness.

To learn more about Dr Fred Grosse, visit his website here.

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