Dr Jenn Mann

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Dr Jenn Mann

Psychotherapist, Sports Psychology Consultant, Author And Speaker

Dr Jenn Mann is the most recognised female psychologist in the U.S. as a columnist, author, speaker, radio host, and psychological expert on television.

Dr Jenn is the bestselling author of four books: The Relationship Fix, The A to Z Guide To Raising Happy Confident Kids, Superbaby, and Rockin’ Babies.

She was also the host, star, and lead therapist of the hit show Couples Therapy and Family Therapy on VH1 for a total of seven seasons; where she worked with couples and families through their various relationship issues and dynamics through intensive therapy.

Early on in Dr Jenn’s career, while she was getting her Master’s degree, she coached gymnastics.

As a former elite athlete and psychology student she was able to help athletes not only technically but psychologically as well.

Although she spent five years in the United States Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team it was not until she started using sports psychology that she became a national champion.

The first year she used her sports psychology techniques, some which she learned from books and others she created herself, that she went from 12th place on the national team to becoming the Junior National Champion, winning five gold medals out of five.

This work enabled her to travel around the world as a member of the U.S. Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team as well as performing in the 1984 Olympics.

She shared the sports psychology techniques she had found to be so effective with the athletes she coached.

As a result of this work, she was invited to travel with the rhythmic gymnastics team to National Championships to act as an onsite sports psychology consultant.

That led to the development of Psychological Edge sports psychology consulting.

Dr Jenn’s book, The Relationship Fix, is based on cutting-edge research and almost three decades of clinical experience as a marriage and family therapist in private practice.

She teaches you everything you need to know have a deeper, more satisfying relationship, and the skills to fix one that isn’t working.

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