You Matter

There is a statistic that scares many businesses: 67% of customers don’t return to do business with a company because of the attitude of just one person. This scares companies with a poor culture, the ones that have no idea what to expect from their team. This statistic is an opportunity! We individually have the power to make a big difference in a customer’s life.

Maybe you think that because you don’t have a qualification or you are not a team manager or a senior staff member that you don’t matter. Think again. Here are seven things that matter that require zero qualifications:

Be on time.

Be organised.

Be nice.

Help the person next to you.

Don’t complain.

Have enthusiasm and smile a lot.

Have a strong work ethic.

Remember that working hard doesn’t kill you, its stress that does, and stress all comes down to your attitude. If you watch the clock waiting to go home, time will go slow and you will feel frustrated, but if you put your heart into each and every task you perform, you will go home feeling satisfied and happy. An example of being present is prepping documents by focusing intently, another is listening attentively to someone without distraction, whether it is a client, your colleague, or your family when you get home. Try switching off pop up notifications on technology to increase attention and focus.

To learn how to be the best version of you, join us at Upgrade Your Life 2019.

Join us at Upgrade Your Life 2019