The event that stunned everyone

In January 2019, Sydney hosted a ground-breaking event with a world-first format that surprised all 214 people that attended.

What our community had to say about us

Sam Makhoul at Upgrade Your Life 2019

Dr Guy Winch

Dr Guy Winch had all couples nodding in agreement with his talk on Relationships, Love & Conflict. As one person said at UYL2019, “If all couples spent just one hour with Dr Winch there would be no divorce in this world.”

Carl Honore

Carl Honore rocked the room with his talk on “Slow Parenting in a Fast World.” Carl will be returning to Upgrade Your Life 2020!

Tom Sullivan

Tom Sullivan, meditation coach and faculty member of A Higher Branch rocked the room with stillness at the Upgrade Your Life event. His latest book A Still Mind is due out later this year and Tom will be returning to Upgrade Your Life 2020!

Alessandra Edwards

Alessandra is a performance expert who’s obsessed with one question: how far can we stretch our genetic limit so we can achieve our maximum potential. In this session at Upgrade Your Life she shared strategies based on the power of genetics and neurobiology to maximise energy and cognitive performance.