Upgrade Your Life 2019

The event that stunned everyone.

In January 2019, Sydney hosted a ground-breaking event with a world-first format that surprised all 214 people that attended.

This is what a community of like-minded people looks like.

Dedicated to life-long learning • Fuelled by fun and friendship • Powered by experts with substance and love

Messages from Our A Higher Branch Community

We were not disappointed. We were provoked, entertained, enthralled, educated, inspired, amazed, a little sore! Humbled, strengthened, shaped, surprised, gratified, at times a little weary, uplifted, loved, reconnected… and upgraded!

And then there was Sam. Never heard of you before this event, now feel like I’ve known you for ever!

Thank you, Sam, for a smile that could stop a charging lion, for your knowledge – and willingness to share it, for your courage in pushing through the incredible challenge of putting the event together, for the love that obviously drives you, for the fun we had and for setting the perfect pace.


I love your system, your idea of conscious rituals, your passion for energy and all that creates it, your honour of health, your conviction for transcending ‘average’ in all key areas of life as a personal obligation, and for your heart, in bringing this life changing education to us so we can all find our wings.


Great event and thank you for having the courage to step out. Your framework around ‘conscious living’ really clicked for me especially around the concept of blending. The event was real and authentic unlike many I have been to.


We are at a juncture in history where we have lost a lot of traditions and we don’t quite know how to live. So Sam has given us important tips that I think are going to be effective. It is a system that we all need. This is a movement. What I like about it – it is not airy fairy nor hard.

This is science that you have given us. It is practical. It is very well rounded.

Nick & Helen

You are a catalyst for real change in our lives. Your legacy has begun! Your kindness will never be forgotten.


It is like we have been lost the entire time and now we have the life skill for 100 years. It is great and its really inspiring. This 3- day conference was reassuring and gave us actual things for us to do. It wasn’t all talk and was practical. It wasn’t self-indulgent.

Daphne (16 yrs)

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What our community have to say about Us

Upgrade Your Life is difficult to describe in words. Here is what our community have to say about the 3-day event Upgrade Your Life 2019!

Our Expert Speakers

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Dr Guy Winch

Dr Guy Winch had all couples nodding in agreement with his talk on Relationships, Love & Conflict. As one person said at UYL2019, "If all couples spent just one hour with Dr Winch there would be no divorce in this world."

Alessandra Edwards

Alessandra is a performance expert who’s obsessed with one question: how far can we stretch our genetic limit so we can achieve our maximum potential. In this session at Upgrade Your Life 2019, she shared strategies based on the power of genetics and neurobiology to maximise energy and cognitive performance.

Carl Honore

Carl Honore rocked the room with his talk on "Slow Parenting in a Fast World." Carl will be returning to Upgrade Your Life 2020!

Yes We Are NEW

A Higher Branch may be a new community but we certainly sent a loud and clear message at UYL2019.

The days of neglecting parts of our life to climb the material ladder are over.
The days of deferring our happiness for a dangled short-term carrot are gone.
The days of living subconsciously as a slave to our past fears and regrets is behind us.

Yes we may be new but we are growing and climbing higher.