Tree of Health – How do you feel about your health?

The only lesson you need to know about good health is to recognise what it is. I have met so many people in my travels that are trying to climb higher in life only to falter because they do not know what good health truly means. They get confused or disillusioned and go through periods of low energy where they lack the will to keep climbing.

Having good health means simply means to feel good and strong. That feeling is your energy. People want to be healthy but don’t realise that the only true measure of good health is their energy level. How else could one measure good health? If we have constant high energy, then we are healthy. It’s that simple. If we have regular periods of low energy, then we know that something is not right with our body.

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Tree of Love – Why do we need love in our life?

The Tree of Love is amazing. It holds the most delicious fruit in our Garden of Happiness although it does not have much fruit on its branches. Sometimes, when you think you see the fruit, the winds of change will blow and you will lose sight of it. So when you do eventually find it, you must sit and savour it. You should not rush, because the fruit from the Tree of Love is so hard to find and so easy to lose.

My personal experience has proven that loving yourself is difficult and loving another even more so. But I have learned that nothing good in life comes easy, including love. You have to work hard at it by focusing just as relentlessly on love as you would on your career and on your wealth. You have to pursue love with the same passion and intensity as you would any other goal. Why? Because love completes and defines us.

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Tree of Family – Do you love your family unconditionally?

It is only through personal experience that we learn to appreciate the fruit from the Tree of Family, that so many of us take for granted. Often it is when we meet with failure and face obstacles in life that we are prompted to seek the support of our family. That’s when we truly appreciate the unconditional love that our family has for us – a love that is greater than any.

This Tree protects your heart because it is the Tree that helps you manage all the setbacks that life may bring you. Life is not perfect, and we too are not perfect. Things will happen outside of our control, even when we do our best. So we will sometimes experience sadness and pain, whether it is from illness, failures, conflicts, heartbreaks or disappointments. But the unconditional love of our family is what helps us through.

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Tree of Work – Working makes you happy at Home

Work gave me the right of passage to arrive home and complain about how tired I was and how much I hated my job. I developed the attitude that I could never love it. Work became an obligation to put up with during the weekdays so I could live my real life at home on the weekends. But you know what I realised? I realised that when you do not enjoy your work, then you are never happy enough to enjoy your personal life.

There is however one precaution. The Tree of Work is just like the Tree of Love. If you spend too much time on it, you will spoil it.

Tree of Work – What if you fail at something you love doing?

As long as you have a genuine passion for your career, you should never quit. You must persist because you will eventually succeed. If you find that you are not talented at what you think you love, then it means that you are motivated for all the wrong reasons. Be wary of your heart’s motives. You must identify whether there are negative emotions driving your heart, such as jealousy, peer pressure, wanting to impress or even the desire to please your family. If these feelings are the motivators for your pursuit, then you must rethink your chosen career and try something else. You must go searching for your true passion instead.

Tree of Work – Is Working Good for you?

You must love your work. You cannot work from the heart if you do not love what you do. Whether you work at home looking after the family or in an office with one hundred people, you must be passionate about what it is you do on a daily basis. It does not even have to be something you do for money. It can be volunteering for a cause that you care deeply about. Whatever it is, loving what you do partly defines who you are as a person.
Work is not bad. Work is not the enemy of living. In fact, working helps you to live a great life. If you do not work, you have no purpose. Working gets you up in the morning. It fulfils you. There is nothing more rewarding at the end of the day than to feel that you have expressed your talents through your work.

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Tree of Work – Do you work for love or money?

If ever you fall into the trap of working solely for money, my strong advice for you is to get out quickly. This is a trap for fools – fools who chase money rather than fulfilment. You can never truly serve others and achieve success if your sole focus is on money. Do not ever do a job where you cannot see the connection between your work and the positive impact it has on other people’s lives. Your job must add value and bring happiness to others. Otherwise, your career will never make you happy.

Tree of Work – Are you working in a job you are talented at?

There is a big difference between doing what you love and loving what you do. The reality is that we all cannot do what we think we love. We all cannot be a rock star musician or the winner of a Nobel Peace Prize. Not all of us can be famous. When we pursue such illusive goals in our career we end up being unhappy with what we can do and what is within our ability to do right now. That is why there are so many people walking around hating their job. Because they are always thinking of what can be, instead of being happy with what is. The reality is that the thing we can control is how we feel about our job. We all can make a choice to love what we do. And loving what we do comes easier and from the heart when we perform work that caters to our natural talents. Only then can we put our hand on our heart and honestly say that we are planted in the right field.

Tree of Work – Are you planted in the right field?

If a fig tree is planted in the wrong field, it does not matter how much care and attention you give it; it will simply not grow, flourish and produce an abundance of fruit. We are no different. We must plant ourselves in the right field to grow and produce good results.

A lot of people work in the wrong job and think it’s okay to do that because there focus is on making money. A lot of company’s also make the mistake of accepting such mediocrity. They hire experts to motivate and teach staff how to treat customers and manage their time. They think that this will produce results. But they forget one important detail. They never ask people whether they want to be in the job in the first place. They never ask whether the people truly love their work. If they bother to notice what is really going on inside their hearts and minds, they would realise that a lot of people simply do not belong. They are planted in the wrong field and no matter how much they try and nurture them they will simply not produce outstanding results.

Tree of Friendship – What are your standards and beliefs?

The eight Trees of life contain your standards and beliefs. They are the guide by which you must live a strong and admirable life. As you grow older you must stay true to them by behaving according to their principles. If you believe in the Tree of Love, then you must show love towards others. If you believe in honouring and supporting your mother and father in the Tree of Family, then you must listen to and respect them. If you believe in the Tree of Health and the value of eating healthy and exercising daily, then you must not neglect your body by leading an unhealthy lifestyle. If you believe in the Tree of Work and the privilege of serving others, then you must work from the heart. If you value the Tree of Learning, you must not squander the opportunity to learn – you must seek out and read books that teach you how to live a complete life. If you believe in the Tree of Charity, then you must show daily acts of kindness towards others. If you believe in the Tree of Wealth and the freedom to live life on your own terms, then you must not squander your hard‑earned money on frivolous purchases that bring you little in the way of lasting joy.

These are just a few of the standards and beliefs that are common to everyone’s Trees of Life. You must find more of your own that are specific to you. Whatever they may be, my advice to you is to never compromise them just to be popular with friends.