The Power of 8

Holistically, there are eight areas of your life that define and complete you. They each make up the sum of you. In order of importance they are your health, love life, family, work, friendships, learning, wealth and charity to others.

When you devote your focus and attention and spend time and energy daily in each of these eight areas, you will automatically achieve balance and completeness in your life. It will reflect in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. You will be energetic, sharp, engaging and have an air of self-confidence about you. You will look and feel attractive. You will have great relationships. People will enjoy being around you, give you that job and their business.

These eight areas of your life have a symbiotic relationship. They each complement and support the other. Neglect even just one area and you will not feel complete. Neglect more than one and you will notice your health and happiness dip even further.

The team at A Higher Branch Success Academy have coached people who suffer from chronic fatigue and depression simply because they don’t have a life. They have compromised all parts of their life to climb the corporate ladder or to build a business. They have money but no real wealth. We should all define wealth as ‘having the time, money and physical energy to express our talents for the benefit of humanity, so we may continuously grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.’

People are becoming so obsessed with looking after their physical health, that they are forgetting about the seven other important parts of life that give our physical energy reason to manifest itself. We all need love and intimacy in our lives, it gives us passion, creativity and drive. We all need to have a close bond with our family, it gives us support to try new things without fearing failure. We all need to work, it gives us purpose purpose, fulfilment and money. We all need friendships, it gives us the opportunity to socialise and have fun. We all need continuous learning, it helps us grow and break out of self-imposed limitations. We all need wealth, it gives us freedom. We all need to be charitable, it gives us a sense of contribution and the feeling of making a difference.

If you are struggling in one or more of the eight areas of life, let the team at A Higher Branch Success Academy show you how to live a more positive, meaningful and fulfilling life.

Join us at Upgrade Your Life 2019 to learn how to upgrade each of the eight areas of your life.

Join us at Upgrade Your Life 2019