Sleep More, Get Smart

Whenever I suggest getting more sleep to motivated people who are always on the go, I am often met with ‘are you insane?!’, followed by a ‘yawn’Not only because the topic bores them but also because they are sleep deprived. I’m guilty on both counts.

We might go through periods where we sleep less and for good reason. For example, when we travel to exciting destinations and are constantly on the go. Or when we work on projects that stimulate us. But there comes a tipping point where the mind and body say, ‘hey, enough is enough, you need to chill’.

Benefits of sleep:

  • You will look more attractive (that’s why they call it ‘beauty sleep’)
  • You will improve your memory
  • You will lower your stress levels
  • You will be smarter. Albert Einstein needed 10 hours sleep a night.

The best thing about sleep is that it’s free. It’s the best supplement that money can’t buy. It’s a daily detox for the mind. Some people swear by meditation to relax but research shows that sleep is far more effective.

Here are three tips that will get you the best night’s sleep:

  1. Do 30 minutes of cardio exercise after work.
  2. Get some sun around midday.
  3. Have a laugh in the last hour before you go to bed. Hang out with fun people or watch your favourite comedy.

Remember that one hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours sleep after midnight. So, get to bed early!

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Join us at Upgrade Your Life 2019