Mid-Year Retreat

Return to Ancient Wisdom

Mid-Year Retreat


Blue Mountains

A Higher Branch is pleased to announce a unique experience where you and your family and friends will disconnect from your daily routine for a weekend and immerse yourself in life as it should be.

Return to Ancient Wisdom is a weekend designed as a detox for your body and your mind, away from the daily grind and digital distractions. For two days we will show you how to infuse all the daily rituals we talked about at Upgrade Your Life. This will enable you to rid yourself of old useless or negative habits and start new life-changing habits.

Why You Should Attend

The world is at the crossroads of a lifestyle revolution that is highly disruptive to our internal circadian rhythms. People are experiencing mental and physical health issues on a epidemic scale. This is largely going unnoticed because people are turning to supplements and medication to mask the problem instead of fixing the root cause. The root cause is almost always easy to fix when we return to ancient wisdom instead of relying on modern science alone.

Our life can be a cautionary tale for future generations or a shining example of how to live and thrive in this modern era.

Return to Ancient Wisdom will put you back in control of your life by teaching you the simple daily rituals that help your circadian rhythm get back to equilibrium. This will not only help you avoid disease and dysfunction but also help you live longer without reliance on medicine and supplements. All the healing you need is built inside your body. All the power you need is built inside your heart and mind. It’s time we listened to that intelligence and saw ourselves as co-creators with incredible strength.

This is not only a lecture format. This is collaborative and experiential.

Unlike our Upgrade Your Life event, this retreat is where you will live the daily rituals to healthy living that are guaranteed to help you live free from disease, anxiety, dysfunction and turmoil without reliance on medication and supplements – the way nature intended us to live.

Venue: Fairmont Resort, Blue Mountains, NSW

Date: Saturday 3 August – Sunday 4 August 2019

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Numbers are limited to 100 people. This is a not for profit event.