Face-to-face Learning Beats Online

Sharing information by reading posts and watching YouTube videos is okay, but nowhere near as effective as learning and interacting with speakers and delegates in a live environment.

We live in a fast-paced world where we rarely get the chance to read and absorb all the information available online. We do not have the framework to store this information in our mind’s hard drive.

Meeting face-to-face with experts, at an off-site location, gets us fully immersed in the content. Meeting like-minded people motivates change.

At our events, you get to take a close look at your life using a unique methodology and design a highly motivating action plan for each area of your life. You will leave feeling refreshed from the fun activities we have organised for you, your family and friends. You will also make new friends, experience new and exciting holiday destinations, and go on unforgettable tours that will live with you forever.

Our annual events are amazing places to network and learn. Let the team at A Higher Branch Success Academy take you to new levels of happiness and performance.

Join us at Upgrade Your Life 2019 to learn how to craft a fun, fulfilling and complete life.

Join us at Upgrade Your Life 2019