A Higher Branch Success Academy
Why You Should Attend

This event will boost your performance and give you a competitive edge for 2019.

2019 will prove to be a defining year. The world is getting more hectic and very competitive. Balancing your health and personal life with your work performance will become more challenging. You will need a plan otherwise you will end up drifting in the direction of your greatest weaknesses.
Event Highlights

  • LEARN the latest from 10 leading experts in 18 sessions over 3 days
  • DISCOVER your genetic type across all eight areas of life
  • DESIGN a life plan for 2019 using a unique framework pioneered by A Higher Branch Success Academy.
  • Enjoy 3 spectacular and exclusive summer parties by night
  • Network with like-minded people dedicated to wellness, holistic living and high performance
  • Bring your partner, colleague or family member and upgrade together
How is this event different?
This event is unlike anything you have ever heard of or seen. It is the start of a new revolution in the way we live and upgrade our performance, day by day, year on year. You will access a new blueprint for living. And you will join a new wellness movement where you will look back one day and say ‘I joined from the start!’

You will participate in sessions designed to diagnose your ‘genetic type’ for eating, sleeping, meditating, exercising, learning, loving, parenting and working. It is highly personalised content and honours the scientific fact that we are all different.

You will learn the latest in genetic-based nutrition, emotional wellbeing, sleep optimisation, love and intimacy, family and parenting, wealth creation, developing a growth mindset, work performance and how artificial intelligence will change our world. And so much more. There is no comprehensive event like it on the planet today!
Who Should Come?

You should attend if any of these statements resonate with you
  • I’m doing well in life but want to take it to the next level.
  • I want to outperform my competitors and dominate my industry.
  • I have grand plans, but my energy levels can’t keep up.
  • I never seem to have enough time for family, fun or sleep.
  • I want to know which diet best suits my metabolic type.
  • I want to know which exercise suits my body type.
  • I want to know which meditation best suits my personality type.
  • I want to know what sleep patterns suit my chrono type.
  • I want to be more intimate with my partner and more attractive.
  • I want to know how to parent consciously and raise confident children.
  • I want to inspire and contribute to the people around me.
  • I want to make life change but don’t know how or where to start.
  • I want to find a new career or new business that lights me up.
  • I feel that my partner, family or friends are not getting the best of me.
  • I have lost the art of making friends and having fun.
  • I find it difficult sometimes to control negative thoughts and emotions.
What Does it mean to Upgrade Your Life?

Have you ever wondered why we upgrade our phones, cars, clothes and TV’s but never think about upgrading our own precious life? We were never taught a framework for living and upgrading. At school we were distracted with everything from Shakespeare to trigonometry but never how to design a magnificent life.

You will discover the HOW to at this event.

If you belong to an industry body, you may qualify for a discount. Please email us on enquiries@ahigherbranch.com