#2 @Joachim Herrmann: Is Your Home Making you Sick? Discover how to protect your family from the silent, dangerous effects of EMFs.

When we suffer health issues, or energy dips or consistently wake up feeling groggy and foggy, we tend to blame it on poor diet, lack of exercise and even our mental health. But what if it isn’t any of these things? What if it is toxins that you cannot even see, like moulds, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, EMF’s, 4G and poor Feng Shui in your home.

In the last podcast, Mark Bunn, made the point that our natural expression as humans is that of high energy, vitality and happiness. In this episode, Joachim Herrmann, one of the world’s leading building biologists, teaches us HOW to eliminate all the invisible stressors on the body so your natural state can shine through.