#13 @Sam Makhoul: How toxic people, toxic haste, toxic thinking and toxic feelings wreck your energy levels

In this part 2 of the series on the topic: ENEREGY IS THE NEW CURRENCY IN THE 21ST CENTURY sam discusses amongst many things:

  • What Usain Bolt ate 3 hours before he broke the world record
  • Why doing things with haste decimates your energy levels
  • The 8 tell-tale signs of toxic people
  • What is toxic thinking
  • Identifying negative self-talk
  • The antidote to toxic thinking
  • The toxic feelings that wreck your energy levels
  • How resistance and blame causes anxiety
  • The antidote to resistance and blame
  • The two imposters that lead to unhappiness and depression
  • How to neutralise the two imposters with one powerful antidote