#12 @Sam Makhoul: How to become invincible with 6 ‘physical’ lifestyle changes that work for EVERYONE

In this podcast, host Sam Makhoul explains why ENERGY IS THE NEW CURRENCY FOR THE 21st CENTURY. He delivers rapid-fire tips on how to operate at peak performance using protocols he has personally lived by from over 27 years of research and coaching. INCLUDING:

  • The relationship between SLEEP, SUNSHINE, SOCIALISING AND SEX
  • Why diet and exercise are LESS important than we are led to believe.
  • Foods that make you angry
  • Why you need to get HANGRY more often
  • Minimum effective dose exercise
  • And much more

This is part 1 of a 3-part series. Next part is on becoming mentally and emotionally INVINCIBLE with 4 unique techniques that completely neutralise anxiety and unhappiness.