10 Things You Need To Do Different in 2020 – Rule #2

2020 is going to be a defining year. Old thinking will not cut it. You will need new systems for living with some new rules. Here is the SECOND of 10 rules to help you outperform your old self and your competitors.

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Rule #2 – Exponential Learning & Growth

We live in an era where information is changing fast, so what you have learned so far will become redundant very quickly. So knowledge is no longer power. Not even applied knowledge. But rather your ability to learn NEW things very quickly and acquire NEW knowledge. In my own business at MSA National we have law graduates who are having to learn how to work with robotics and Ai. This is something that was not taught at Uni because by the time schools work out the curriculum and get it through all the red tape, the world has shifted again. Especially in technology and digital disruption.

“Make no mistake, your NUMBER 1 skill going forward is LEARNING HOW TO LEARN QUICKLY!”

The Challenge

As you grow older, your ability to learn things faster is going to be challenging. The old belief is that as you grow old, you slow down and become less agile mentally (and physically) and you need to make way for someone younger and faster. BUT that is simply not true. You need to discard that old belief.

The brain is like any other muscle. There are three reasons the brain slows (each reversible):

1. You are not looking after your brain health with diet, exercise etc…
2. You are not seeking new experiences in the 8 areas of life
3. You are not training your brain to learn new things

How Do You Learn New things Fast?

There is a meta-learning principle that Jim Kwik teaches that is based on the fact that learning fast comes down to memory recall. It makes sense right? It doesn’t matter how much you learn, if you do not retain it and have the ability to recall that learning in the future, it is pretty useless.

At school we were taught two layers of learning that are outdated:

1. Memorising things without understanding – this is the lowest form of brain training. It serves you well to cram for an exam and get the marks you want but does nothing for your brain training and future success.
2. The second is to understand what you are learning – this is better but still does not guarantee memory retention and recall in the medium to long term.

The third and most potent method is to learn not just through understanding but with EMOTION.

This method is not easy to write about and therefore is outside the scope of this short article, but I invite you to attend a session by Jim Kwik, learning and memory expert, At Upgrade Your Life 2020, where he will also be going through the brain training techniques he uses to coach billionaires like Bill Gates and celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Will Smith. To find out more about Jim Kwik and his session at Upgrade Your Life, click here